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At 31 December 2015, the Company’s authorised capital was nominally DKK 54,425,235 divided into as many shares of DKK 1. All shares have the same rights and are not divided into classes.

William Demants og Hustru Ida Emilies Fond (the Oticon Foundation) has notified the Company that at 31 December 2015, the Foundation - directly or indirectly - held approx. 58% of the share capital.

At year-end 2015, the Company held 960,355 treasury shares, corresponding to 1.8% of the share capital.

At William Demant Holding A/S’ ordinary general meeting on 7 April 2015 it was decided to reduce the Company’s share capital by nominally DKK 1,208,870 of the Company’s holding of own shares. The advertisement period expired and until than the share capital of William Demant Holding A/S amounts to DKK 54,425,235.

At William Demant Holding A/S' annual general meeting on 7 April 2016 it was decided to change the number of voting rights in the Company, which means that each share amount of DKK 0.20 will now carry one vote.

In accordance with Section 10 of the Danish Statutory Order on Issuers' Disclosure Obligations, we hereby state that the Company's total share capital and total number of voting rights as of 29 April 2016 amount to:

Share capital (nominal): DKK 54,425,235

Number of voting rights: 272,126,175