(born 1968)

Arne Boye Nielsen joined the company in 1990 and has since then held various positions in the Group. In 1995, Arne Boye Nielsen was appointed Interim General Manager of Oticon Australia. When he returned to Denmark later that year, he was appointed President of Demant’s Diagnostics business area. When Demant in 2002 entered into a joint venture with German Sennheiser to develop and manufacture headsets under the Sennheiser Communications brand, this new business – a merger of Demant’s existing headset manufacturer (Danacom) and Sennheiser’s headset division – became part of the already existing Communications business area of which Arne was also President. After the demerger in 2020 where the activities of Sennheiser Communications were split between Sennheiser and Demant, Communications now operates under the EPOS brand.

  • Diagnostics (operating under different brands all over the world), President

  • Communications (operating under the EPOS brand), President

  • Össur hf., Iceland, board member

  • Revenio Group Oyj, Finland, board member

Arne Boye Nielsen holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. The companies under the Diagnostics umbrella cover all kinds of hearing and balance testing by delivering high-end equipment for screening, diagnosing and treating hearing and dizziness issues, performing hearing screening of babies and fitting hearing aids. EPOS offers premium gaming and office headsets as well as collaboration tools.

Enabling Demant’s other business areas to offer premium hearing healthcare by providing the equipment to do so, finding and developing new hearing healthcare-related businesses and not least helping people with hearing loss all drive Arne.