We are founded on care and today, more than 115 years after being established, care continues to be a central part of Demant. With our products and services more people can pursue education, the workforce population grows, mental illness, such as depression can be prevented, and the risk of dementia reduced. Our ground-breaking research and development efforts enable us not only to create exceptional audiological products, but to understand what improves the overall hearing health and quality of life of people with hearing loss.


Research and development experts within the Demant Group work every day to improve hearing loss by providing state-of-the-art research. We want to stay on top and constantly expand our understanding of how to help improve overall hearing health.

Hearing care is health care
At Oticon’s Research Centre, Eriksholm, we study hearing, the concept of BrainHearingTM and develop the next generation of solutions. Among others, we also continue to study the relationship between music and cochlear implants.

Oticon has always sought to develop hearing aids that support the brain and how it makes sense of sound. New science in hearing has shown that the brain needs access to the full sound scene in order to work in a natural way. A limited sound scene can turn a hearing problem into a brain problem, making it even more vital for us to understand the complex relationship between hearing and the brain to develop new technologies that empower the brain.


With people at our core, caring for employees is of course of high importance to Demant. We want to create conditions within which it is possible for everyone to establish good relationships as well as a healthy balance between work, family life and leisure.

Through every part of the Group, we have a responsibility to generate, sustain, and develop a safe, healthy, and open working environment for employees to thrive in. Managers especially have an obligation and are empowered by the Group to act on cases of stress or other aspects that might affect employee well-being. Below are a few highlights from 2019.

Employee engagement (Pulse) 
Our global employee engagement survey, Pulse, reached an employee participa¬≠tion level of 84%. In 2018, our engagement score was 3.69 (on a scale from 1–5). We improved our engagement score to 3.83, making for a statistically signif¬≠icant increase.

Gender representation 
Since 2013, we have grown the share of female managers in the Group by 8%. We continue to expand our scope of reporting, which is currently based on input from 13 countries and a total of 8,414 employees (out of a total of 15,837 employees). Within our current reporting scope, the gender representation ratio is 59% male and 41% female managers, in 2019. Moreover, at the annual general meeting in March 2020, Demant’s Board of Directors elected another female member, making the gender ratio 25% female and 75% male. 

Read more about our processes, perspectives and priorities within this area in our 2019 CSR report on pages 20-42.

The Demant Group evolves and grows, and alongside our growth we continue to take on more initiatives to help more people experience the joy of sound and the life that follows.

One example hereof is the Campaign for Better Hearing. An initiative from our hearing aid retailers that puts hearing on the healthcare agenda by offering free hearing aids and providing crucial information and education about hearing healthcare and the consequences of untreated hearing loss. Each time someone gets their hearing tested in one of the clinics participating in the campaign, the Campaign for Better Hearing gets a donation. With the donation money we provide free hearing aids to people who need them but cannot afford them, based on nominations from the clinics. In 2019, we screened 465,633 people with a Campaign for Better Hearing campaign code, raised more than USD 1.75 million, and helped 509 people by providing 865 free hearing aids.

Another example of our contribution, which expands beyond our products, is Oticon Medical’s new online community Oticon Medical Friends. It premiered for American Ponto users (bone-anchored hearing systems) in November 2019 and will expand to Neuro users (cochlear implants) in France, during 2020. The purpose of Oticon Medical Friends is to create a worldwide connection to offer users and caregivers of users, such as parents and relatives, an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other.


Since 1957, William Demant Foundation, the majority shareholder of Demant, has been a charitable business foundation whose main purpose is to secure and expand the commercial activities of the Demant Group. The Foundation reinvests in society by donating to altruistic cause, particularly in the MedTech industry.

The William Demant Foundation has donated more than 1 billion DKK, especially to research projects and knowledge-sharing within the field of audiology. It contributes generously to the hearing loss cause, as well as research, education, culture, and care. 


Highlights of 2019

In 2019, the Foundation donated a total of DKK 153.2 million among others to Rigshospitalet and Aarhus University.

With a grant of DKK 40 million, the leading specialised hospital in Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, will be able to offer complicated audiological patients specialised treatment and research within hearing loss, and to offer balance treatment at a new hearing and balance centre.

Aarhus University
DKK 10 million from William Demant Foundation enables the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University to open a new research centre and ensures further development of a Danish designed technology for measuring electrical brain activity, making us wiser on how our brain and hearing are connected.

Read more about the William Demant Foundation and its activities.