Demographic trends, particularly the growing ageing population, continue to drive growth in the hearing healthcare market. We are thus addressing an attractive market, and our strategic ambition is to further expand our position as the leading global hearing healthcare company with the broadest, deepest and most innovative product offering. We invest heavily in R&D, and one of our focus areas is to harvest synergies across our business activities and enable our customers and end-users to benefit from our multi-business and multi-brand approach backed by a comprehensive global distribution set-up and efficient infrastructure.


Demant has a strong track record of successfully developing businesses from being relatively small to becoming market leaders. In the past decades, our Hearing Devices business activity has succeeded in gaining material market shares through our strong wholesale business and retail activities. We have furthermore built market-leading entities in the fields of diagnostic equipment and bone-anchored hearing systems (BAHS), and we have successfully integrated them into the Demant Group. It is our clear long-term ambition to also take our cochlear implants (CI) business on a similar journey, which will further strengthen our leading hearing healthcare position.

In a world where trust and authenticity is a key decision driver, being purpose-led as a company is critical for success. Our purpose statement encompasses our mission (our reason to be), our vision (what we aspire to be) and our promise (what we promise to the market).