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A global company
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Over the past years, the William Demant Group has transformed into a broad and growth-oriented hearing healthcare company. We cover all areas of the industry from diagnostics to hearing devices and hearing implants with this long-term strategic ambition:

We want to be one of the world’s strongest and biggest hearing healthcare companies. To customers and end-users we deliver the broadest and deepest product offering based on true innovation. We reach our customers and end-user through a multi-brand approach and a comprehensive global distribution set-up. But all of this would not happen without efficient shared services.

William Demant’s strategy is to drive growth in all our business units – and stay on the growth path. In order for us to maintain our position among the leading manufacturers in the industry, and as a direction for our journey onwards in hearing healthcare, we have six strategic key focus points:

With that targets all sales channels and customer segments, we continue to take market shares in the hearing aid market. In Diagnostic Instruments, we have a leading position, which we maintain and by exploiting synergies across our business units. New, innovative product launches from our hearing implant business and excellent global support have increased our presence, which we will use to

Taking market shares, expanding and growing our business require that we develop state-of-the-art technology platforms. Based on our recent innovations and the latest market trends, we have strengthened our product innovation skills and R&D leadership with a view to sharing innovation and inventions across our businesses.

Sharing knowledge and expertise across our Group also implies using our shared services function to increase and stay highly competitive. By utilising technology from our hearing devices and knowhow from the Group, we business in a growing market of headsets for unified communication.

Competition cannot be ignored, and thus we prepare for and respond to the market consolidation trend in the industry. To sustain market access, we take the necessary measures to where needed.

Our Group plays a vital role in the overall structural changes of the industry by acquiring enterprises within our core business and related areas. These acquisitions let us benefit from our technological and audiological expertise, managerial competencies and financial resources to generate further growth in revenue and sales.

strategic key focus points



Our vision is to make a life-changing difference to people suffering from hearing loss.



Our aim of all our businesses is to become each customer’s preferred supplier of state-of-the-art solutions and to create a platform for continued organic growth. We strive to meet end-user needs by maintaining a high level of innovation and constantly expanding our global infrastructure.



All companies in the William Demant Group seek to promote a stimulating and rewarding working environment through a flexible, knowledge-based organisation. Moreover, each company has its own position and unique business model. Everybody is committed to high standards of ethics, quality and fairness and dedicated to meeting our environmental and social responsibilities.