In Demant, we strongly believe all large-scale companies can do their part to combat climate change. Therefore, we are committed to reducing our climate impact and support the Paris Agreement. Day-to-day, we are guided by our Group Code of Conduct that holds our principles for good environmental practices.

  • ghg-emission-in-2020
    Due predominantly to coronavirus restrictions, the Group’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per employee decreased by 20%.
  • smarter-and-greener-hearing-aid-packaging-oticon
    Launch of smarter and greener hearing aid packaging.
  • redesign-of-wax-filters
    Redesigned wax filter containers and optimised manufacturing process to save 11,5 tonnes of plastic per year.
  • emission-reporting-to-scope-3
    Project launched in late 2020 to expand our emission reporting to scope 3, to identify actions for emission reductions and to set measurable targets. 

On a group level, we have been tracking our carbon emissions under scope 1 and 2 for several years. 

To advance on our ambitions to reduce emissions, we launched a project in late 2020 to further qualify our data on scope 1 and 2, expand our reporting to scope 3, identify concrete actions for emission reductions across the group and set measurable targets - including setting emission reduction targets grounded in climate science through the Science Based Targets initiative. 

Initial assessments show that increasing our sourcing of green energy, looking into emissions from transport, further adopting a circular mindset addressing our packaging and waste and introducing more sustainable materials should be among the most material actions across the Demant Group.


In 2012, William Demant Foundation, through its investment company, William Demant Invest (WDI), made an active choice to contribute to a cleaner world in the form of green electricity production. The company has invested in the Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind farm, and WDI’s share of the electricity produced amounts to 183,700,000 kwh annually. By comparison, we in the Demant Group use less than 20% of that amount or 33,700,000 kwh of electricity annually.


We want to continuously identify opportunities to reduce and reuse and to introduce more sustainable materials into our operations, production and products. This means challenging the status quo and, with our main focus on packaging and waste, we work to increasingly adopt a circular mindset.  

Greener and smarter hearing aid packaging

  • Paper and cardboard boxes made from 70-100% recycled materials and boxes produced on 100% green energy
  • FSC-certified materials
  • Improved workflow for healthcare professionals
  • Fewer components equal less waste
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Reduced transportation