The Demant Group holds numerous innovative and entrepreneurial employees that are driven by a desire to make a change and to do business in a proper way. They are our biggest strength and their well-being and engagement are fundamental to our success.

  • engagement-score
    Global engagement score up from 3,83 to 3,93 on  a scale from 1-5.
  • gender-distribution
    42% female managers globally. 1 percentage  point increase in the  number of female  managers since 2019.
  • female-members-of-the-board
    Another female member elected to the Board of Directors. 40% of the Board members elected by the shareholders are female.
  • diversity-and-inclusion
    New diversity and inclusion policy and framework under development.

We want to promote an organisational culture characterised by care and respect for others. With an increasing need to attract talent across genders, borders, cultures and backgrounds, diversity and inclusion are important drivers to us. Demant wishes to remain an open and inclusive Group that nurtures diversity and strives for it in candidate shortlists for any vacancy. We take pride in ensuring equal access to positions, development opportunities and management roles at all levels, not only to play our part in redeeming imbalance, but simply because diversity is fundamental to a successful business.

Since 2012, Demant has had a diversity policy as well as specific initiatives aimed at ensuring equal terms between genders. As part of our ambitions in terms of diversity and inclusion, we have worked on preparing a new Demant Diversity and inclusion policy, which will cover a broader definition of diversity than merely gender. In 2020, we took steps towards this ambition and expect to introduce the policy in 2021.


It is our duty to take good care of our employees by ensuring that our workplaces are operated in a safe and sound manner. 

Demant honours freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, encourages that people treat one another with respect and fairness and urges action if the opposite is experienced. We are committed to providing a safe work environment free of any form of discrimination and harassment at work and refer to theDemant Group Code of Conduct for principles for workplace behaviour.

In production of hearing health equipment people are not exposed to dangerous situations, hazardous materials or chemicals. Consequently, this type of manufacturing is not considered unsafe or risky. Yet, as part of ensuring a healthy and safe work environment, we take pride in upholding a considerably low accidents rate.


An engaged workforce is a central part of maintaining a sustainable business. Engaged employees are more innovative, productive and positive. They work to improve processes, structures and working habits, and they help and inspire others to feel and act the same. It is Demant managements’ responsibility to ensure a culture and work environment that continues to induce engaged employees. 

We measure employee engagement yearly and continuously assess the results to keep up with trends and attend to potential concerns globally and on a team level. Our global engagement rate continues to grow steadily, and we still keep an eye out for opportunities for further improvement. 

It is essential to us to support employees in their development and growth, while ensuring that Demant employees have the right roles and competencies to match our business needs and challenges. Consequently, people and talent development are high on our agenda as well.

In Demant, people development is an ongoing process between manager and employee, and our concept of an annual employee development dialogue supports this process with follow-ups and actions during the year to ensure further progress. Our Training Academy offers internal training within leadership, project management, people development and professional skills. The training is conducted by internal trainers or selected external trainers.