It is imperative to us to give back to the society that raised us by boosting hearing health as well as supporting educational, social and cultural causes.  Being a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate includes ensuring that we are aware of any risks we might pose to the local society and environment. As part of being a responsible business, we consider our impact to be mainly positive as we provide good jobs and engage in local and charitable activities. 


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    DKK 111.9 million  donated by William Demant Foundation. DKK 61.1 million to hearing health, research and educa-tion and DKK 50.8 million to cultural and social projects. Campaign for Better 
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    Hearing: 52,342 people screened, USD 267,277 raised and 55 free hearing aids provided.

Campaign for Better Hearing is a global initiative from our Hearing Care business, our clinics, which puts hearing on the healthcare agenda. Through the campaign, we offer free hearing aids and provide crucial information and education about hearing healthcare and the consequences of untreated hearing loss.

Our hearing health is closely connected to our brain’s health and our overall well-being. Recent research confirms that hearing loss becomes more prevalent as we age. The Campaign for Better Hearing wants us to understand the links between hearing loss and depression, mental fatigue, reduced cognitive capacity and dementia.

Since 2018 we have screened 517,975 people with a Campaign for Better Hearing campaign code, raised nearly USD 2.1 million dollars and helped 676 people by providing 985 free hearing aids.

When someone, who participates in the campaign, gets their hearing tested in one of the clinics, the clinic donates to Campaign for Better Hearing. With the donated money, free hearing aids are handed out to people who need them but cannot afford them.

Demant channels its philanthropic activities through William Demant Foundation, based on a wish to separate grants and donations from the commercial activities of the companies within the Group. We believe that this model allows us to allocate resources to people and society in the best possible way. 

William Demant Foundation, the majority shareholder of Demant, is a charitable business foundation whose main purpose is to give back to society in form of philanthropic donations and to secure and to expand the commercial activities of the Demant Group. The Foundation’s donations are based on the profit of Demant and through this ownership structure we find there to be a strong connection between Demant and William Demant Foundation. 

William Demant Foundation reinvests in society by donating to altruistic causes and by expanding its sustainable investments, particularly in the MedTech industry. 
Since 1957, the Foundation has donated more than 1 billion DKK, especially to research projects and knowledge-sharing within the field of audiology.