Possibilities and Projects as an Engineering Graduate

Hi, I am Jennie, and I started my position as an engineering graduate here at Demant in September 2020. In June earlier this year, I finished my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Lund University in Sweden, and I am grateful for quick starting my career here at Demant. I will experience four different areas during these two years as a graduate, and I am excited about all possibilities that exist within such an innovative and big company as Demant. I am spending my first rotation in the department of Product Quality and this blog post will hopefully give you an idea on the variety of projects and possibilities for graduates here at Demant.

This year we are three new graduates starting the Graduate Program, and the two first weeks in September involved both an introduction to my first rotation, but also an introduction to the program itself. During my summer holiday I had a skype meeting with my host manager and my daily manager to briefly introduce myself, for me to get an idea on what projects I could be involved in and what expectations they had for me when starting my rotation. This meeting was very favorable to me because it prepared me for what was to come and clarified my expectations in advance of starting work.

During the first week I got introduced to my team and my first rotation, where I am part of the product quality management team. I have several very different tasks and the flexibility in my daily work is high. At the moment I am spending a lot of time helping our explorative test team with very interesting different tests, and I am learning a lot about our products, above all hearing aids. Another task I am supporting my team with, is to generate some specific certificates and to optimize this process, which will also involve me holding a workshop later on. Further, I am looking into a redesign of a web-based overview of components.

Above three tasks were introduced to me during my first week and are all involving different areas and processes within product quality. The second week, and the last introduction week, was more related to the graduate programme and began with us graduates having a presentation about ourselves and also what we believe is the future of Demant. These presentations were held for the Vice Presidents of the different business areas, and one thing I highlighted during my presentation was the importance of working for more environmentally friendly products. Demant is working continuously with environmental protection related questions, such as minimizing the environmental impacts from our products, advocating environmental responsibility, and reducing our environmental footprint. After my host manager, Vice President for Product Quality, heard me talking about the environment she offered me to take on and run a project related to requirements for green products. Therefore, in addition to my three other tasks mentioned above, I am also running this green product focused project, where I am talking to many different people in the organization, building up a network and learning about our working processes for the environment, but also about project management.

Being an Engineering Graduate in Demant so far has already involved a high level of flexibility in my daily work but also a certain level of responsibility. So far, I am very happy about my time here at Demant because I am learning so many new things every day, I am challenged in my daily work, and above all, it feels like the company believes in me and really wants to invest time in me learning about the organization, processes and projects here at Demant.

Hope this post could give you an idea of how it is to start working as an Engineering Graduate here at Demant, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Jennie Walfridson
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