Tool Flow Developer - CI/CD Development at Oticon


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Tool Flow Developer - CI/CD Development at Oticon

Do you thrive when developing new and existing tools, scripts, frameworks, and automation environments in a Linux based environment. Do you like to dive into the tools used when building firmware and ASICs?


If the answer is “yes”, this is the job for you.


Our main tools are Git, Jenkins, Python as well as third party IC tools from Synopsys, and you will also encounter Perl, Tcl and XML models along the way. 


When you get onboard you will be welcomed by a team of dedicated engineers who will support you in understanding our ASIC development flow, while they will rely on you and the efficient build flow and custom processor models you develop. In order to achieve your results, you will find excellent teamwork and sparring with other tool flow and CI/CD developers in R&D (primarily the Soft Ware team).



Be a valuable member of our IC Digital Design team


You will be developing our tool chain and our ability to deliver IC (Integrated Circuit) prototypes.


We deliver the tools for developing software on our custom processors: compiler, linker, simulation models etc. Some of your first tasks involve developing the build - and release tool for:


  • Processor development. - The processors are built using the Synopsys ASIP tool
  • Creating SystemC models for early embedded SW testing
  • XML model of our ASIC, used by the rest of R&D for development and test


We have an existing delivery pipeline we want to expand and improve.  A few key points are: Faster results and improved quality of delivery of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) production material. We also want to improve our SystemC processor models for embedded software cycle accurate simulation and prototyping. 
Could we be a match for you?
As a person, you would describe yourself as someone, who can navigate through unforeseen territory and with a brain that sprouts ideas.
The ideal candidate masters software design practices for effective architectures. Experience with build tools like SCons and CMake is preferred but not mandatory. Perhaps you already know or can quickly pick up new languages and concepts like bash, XML, versioning (Perforce, Git). Knowledge of containerized environments (Docker/Kubernetes) is also an advantage.
Want to join us?

Then send your application as soon as possible. We will schedule interviews continuously. If you would like to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Anders Hebsgaard on or +45 23 88 75 91.

Please notice that we will conduct interview in the weeks 50 and 51 please let us know your availability in these weeks.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.