Working for Demant


The prerequisite for Demant’s continued competitiveness is extensive know-how and a broad spectrum of competencies. Skilled people are essential. Our development centre in Denmark is a major catalyst for ongoing as well as future innovation projects. Eriksholm, our research centre, also plays a key role in our endeavours to always be at the forefront of development.

In 2017, the average number of full-time employees was 13,280. About 20% of the Group’s employees are shareholders in the Company, and shares held by employees and by members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board account for approximately 1% of the total share capital.

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    Demant culture

    At Demant we seek to promote a stimulating and rewarding working environment through a flexible, knowledge-based organisation. We value community, creativity and freedom to innovate to create strong results.
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    Life-changing hearing health – Welcome to Demant

    At Demant we create life-changing hearing health. We want hearing impaired people to be able to experience the sounds of life. This is the foundation of everything we do and what drives us towards innovation and efficiency. Meet our CEO Søren Nielsen
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    Constant development - The Demant Training Academy

    Highly skilled and innovative employees drive our continuous business growth. To stay in front, the Demant Training Academy actively supports training, education and development. Both on the professional and personal side. 
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    A foundation of trust and responsibility – Working for Demant 

    "If you like to have responsibility, try new things, and push the boundaries for what is possible, working with Demant is a good choice." Meet Jens Calberg Winther, Director, Finance Processes and Compliance. 
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    Beyond what is technically possible – The Discovery Team 

    To stay on the forefront of technology – and to venture beyond – Demant has its own Discovery team. Meet some of the people behind the department and learn about our technologies. 
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    User friendly high-tech medical devices – The R&D Department 

    True engineering excellence is to deliver an ultra-small technological marvel in a discrete, user-friendly package. This takes state-of-the-art development methods and serious engineering skills. Meet our E-VP R&D Finn Möhring.

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    Flexibility and adaptability


    In a changing world, we are constantly on the lookout for new and smarter ways to do things. Even though we are part of a large, global company, the organisation is agile and there is short process from idea to the final solution.

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    Trust and responsibility


    We trust that everyone wants to contribute and create strong results. We value diversity and creativity while also supporting freedom with responsibility. As an employee, you play a vital role in creating and defining the road to reach our goals.

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    Deeply professional but informal


    We focus on results and innovative ideas. It is your output, drive and dedication that defines your career opportunities and the responsibilities you are given – not your seniority level.

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    We care


    We provide the best hearing solutions for people worldwide. We care to make a difference! As colleagues we care about each other and are always willing to walk the extra mile. We take pride in succeeding as a team.

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    Made for interaction


    We have an open office layout encouraging dialogue and mutual inspiration, which gives you the best foundation to think out of the box.

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    Healthy lifestyle


    We offer variety of sports clubs, a fitness room and one of the best canteens serving healthy, organic food.

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