Chao Yu

Hello, my name is Chao. I am an IT graduate at Demant. I am originally from China and moved to Denmark for my Master's degree in 2020. I studied Air Transportation for my Bachelor in China and then I switched to Business Analytics for my Master's at DTU.  I mainly focused on Machine Learning, Data Science and Data analysis during my study. I graduated from DTU in March 2022.

The reason I applied for this programme are the opportunities it offers for us to explore. The whole programme not only allows me to learn those technical knowledges, but also gives me an opportunity to learn the other parts like Management or Business.  Besides this, the company is dedicated to making the best experience for the graduates. We feel cared for and valued. I think that the charm of the graduate programme is that we have a lot of opportunities to try different things and find out where our passion is.

In July 2022, I started the graduate programme with my first rotation in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics in the IT department. I am currently assisting Data Engineers with setting up the Cloud Platform, which aims to moving the local data warehouse to the cloud. In this project, I am constantly learning new knowledge and new technologies which was not available at school. My colleagues are very professional, so I am very satisfied with my current role in this team.

In my free time, I like doing some sports, like CrossFit, paddle tennis, and bouldering. I have been doing CrossFit for three years. Sometimes, I also join the team workout in the gym in Kongebakken.