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    Interim Management Statement

    On 13 October, Demant published its Interim Management Statement for the period year-to-date in which the Group reports a strong operating profit so far in second half-year thanks to continued revenue recovery and cost savings. You will find a link to the recorded webcast and the presentation here.
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    Hearing is thinking

    Your ears collect sound, but it’s your brain that actually understands it. Good hearing helps your brain stay fit throughout your life – and helps avoid manyother health problems. This means that hearing health is brain health. Read more about BrainHearing™ technology

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    Cochlear Implants as minimum standard of care for adults

    Oticon Medical is proud to have co-sponsored the first ever, global consensus paper on the usage of cochlear implants as the minimum standard of care for adults. Read more about the consensus paper

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  • Revenue
  • +7%
  • 2018: DKK 13,937 million
  • 2019: DKK 14,946 million
  • Operating profit (EBIT)
  • -15%
  • 2018: DKK 2,532 million
  • 2019: DKK 2,151 million (negative impact of IT incident of DKK 550 million)


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Demant is the only company in the world that covers all areas of hearing healthcare, from hearing devices and hearing implants to diagnostic equipment and professional hearing care, and we harvest significant synergies from this unique position and expect to create new opportunities in the years to come.



Care is the very foundation of our company. With the broadest and deepest product offering based on true innovation, we want to make life-changing differences through hearing health to millions of people suffering from hearing loss.

For us, acting responsibly and being sustainable mean doing more than what is required.