Jakob J. Fischer Rosenvinge

Education: MSc EBA Supply Chain Management, Copenhagen Business School

Start in Demant 2022

Hi, my name is Jakob, and I am the Operations Graduate from the 2022 batch. I hold a BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy and a MSc in Supply Chain Management, both from Copenhagen Business School. During my time at university, I decided to specialize my competencies within the utilization of data in decision making, by taking a minor degree in Digital Business Development, as well as attending extracurricular activities with focus on data and emerging technologies.

While finishing my studies it became clear to me that I wanted to join a global production company to explore the high degree of supply chain and operational complexity which exists herein. Demant, as a global market leader within its industry, is the ideal place for me to learn, to be challenged and to grow as a supply chain and operations professional.

I chose to apply for the graduate programme as I believe this will create several benefits in the early years of my work life. The graduate programme enables me to experience three different business areas which all have my interest, thus avoiding becoming too path dependent early on in my career. The program also provides me with a unique entry into the organization, giving me a helicopter perspective, as well as significantly broadening my network within the organization from day one. Finally, the program has a brilliant balance between learning from some of the best experts within their respective fields as well as applying my own set of skills to leave a mark on the projects I take part in.

In my first rotation I’ve joined the department of Direct Strategic Procurement. Here I have both been given high-level strategic tasks as well as core operational tasks. Among tasks to mention I will be co-developing a category strategy for the mechanical parts of our hearing aids, quantifying the make-or-buy process, drive request for quotations end-to-end, and framing and utilizing the crossover between savings opportunities and sustainability initiatives.

If you have any questions regarding the program and the operations track, please feel free to reach out.