Oliver Carstensen



I'm Oliver, and I'm the 2022 Commercial Excellence graduate. I did my thesis on Philips and the Chinese hearing aid market. Whilst working with Demant and different stakeholders, I was caught by the work culture and exciting projects. Therefore, there was no doubt in my mind, when I was offered the position in the graduate programme.


The graduate programme has been great in the transitioning of being a student to become a full time employee at an international company. If needed, you can get as much support as you need whilst still having the opportunity to work on exciting high-profile projects. A great balance in my opinion.


I have a great international team in Commercial Excellence that have been very welcoming. We are a busy team, but always with exciting projects and analyses on the agenda (especially, if you love data deep dives).


Most of my plans after work involve sports. Whether it is playing football in my local team in Frederiksberg, chanting for FCK in Parken, or just watching a game in bar - I'm up! Other than that, just spending time and hanging out with friends and family.


If you have questions on the company, team, or programme, please, feel free to reach out.