Frederik Rouvillain

Hi, my name is Frederik Rouvillain, and I am a Legal Graduate here at Demant. I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law (Cand.Merc.Jur) from Copenhagen Business School, where I graduated in May 2022. During my bachelor, I was also lucky enough to complete an exchange semester abroad in Beijing, China, at University of International Business and Economics (UIBE).

The main reason I applied to the Graduate Programme at Demant was first and foremost that the programme offers a unique position with focus on personal development, steep learning curves and a broad exposure to all levels of the business, which matches my ambitions. Secondly, the programme offers a golden opportunity to experience various departments in Demant, giving a first-hand insight into which department is most attractive to continue in, once the I end the programme. Finally, I heard a lot of positive things about Demant, and the people working here, as well as the values and culture of the company. And I must say, working at Demant has lived up to all my expectations. 

My first rotation is in Executive Support & Corporate Strategy, where my first project is to facilitate the election of Employee Representatives to the Board of Directors of Demant A/S, Oticon A/S and Interacoustics A/S. Furthermore, I assist on various Corporate Governance matters, e.g., the remuneration rapport. My first rotation culminates in March, where I will attend the Annual General Meeting, and oversee the results of the projects I have worked on during my first rotation.

Feel free to reach out in case you have any questions.