A look back on my first rotation as a Legal Graduate


I have just finished my first rotation in the Executive Office & Corporate Strategy team as a Legal Graduate here at Demant, and I’m already well underway with my second rotation in Corporate Legal & Compliance, and at the time of writing this post I have been with the company for almost 7 months. 

My first big assignment at Demant was to facilitate the election of employee representatives to the Board of Directors of Demant A/S, Oticon A/S and Interacoustics A/S, together with a couple of colleagues. I assisted on a lot of different matters, making sure that we complied with all relevant regulation, preparing much of the paperwork needed for the election meetings as well as coordinating with relevant parties inhouse. From my point of view, it was a great assignment to get early on in my time at Demant, as there were a lot of stakeholders from different parts of the company. Hence, I got to know and work with many different people in the organization.

My next project was to assist with the annual general meeting of Demant A/S, and as it connected with my first project I already felt invested in this project from the beginning. This project was my biggest project yet as a graduate, as it did not only require a lot of project- and stakeholder management across multiple work streams, but it also required coordination with both internal and external partners. At the same, I was involved with much of the actual work related to the annual general meeting. On this specific project I learned a lot about the process of working closely with the top management and Board of Directors, and I also learned more  about Demant as a company and the structure of the organization. My go-to manager Tine, who was also the Vice President of my team, showed great trust in me and my abilities, and at the same time I knew that I could always reach out to her with any problems or questions, and she would take the necessary time to explain and find suitable a solution.

Reflecting back on my rotation in the Executive Office & Corporate Strategy team, I can truly say that it was a really nice learning experience. First of all, because everybody in the team gave me a really warm welcome and everyone made sure to help me feel part of the team, especially my go-to manager Tine really made an effort to introduce me to the business, drag me along for interesting meetings and always focus on my learning. Secondly, because I could feel that everyone in the team was taking me seriously even though I came directly from university and had way less experience than all of my colleagues. And lastly, because I got assigned to some big projects, where I really had the chance to develop my skills as well as my knowledge about the business.

What I like the most about my experience as a graduate here at Demant is that you have the right conditions and tools to grow and learn from your assignments. The more responsibility you take, the more trust and acknowledgement you will gain from your colleagues and the business, and I would recommend everybody to keep an open mind and say yes when opportunities arise.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the graduate programme, the legal track or just overall life at Demant.


Frederik Rouvillain
Legal Graduate