Giulia Fasulo

Education: Msc in Marketing Management, Bocconi University

Start in Demant: September 2023

Hi, I´m Giulia, and together with Eskil I am one of the two 2023 Demant Graduates in Commercial Excellence. I am Italian, originally from Sicily, even if I spent the last years in Milan due to my studies. I completed my Bachelor´s in Economics and Business and graduated from my Master´s in Marketing Management, and while studying, I caught any opportunity I had to go abroad, so I lived in Norway and Spain for some time, and now of course I moved to Denmark!

After finishing my studies, I worked in Italy for some time, but I felt that I still wanted to learn and explore different topics and disciplines, and this is when I realized what an opportunity it would be to participate in a Graduate Programme. I am so happy to have the possibility to rotate across the different areas of Commercial Excellence, taking part in different projects and learning from my colleagues every day. My team is really great, and quite international, which of course is something I value a lot. They´ve been supportive and welcomed me warmly, something which has made moving to a new country and joining a new company fairly easier than expected, and Demant is a great company to work at, where people are well taken care of and where all opinions are valued.

I'm currently doing my first rotation in Marketing Excellence, which is really giving me the opportunity to get in contact with Marketing representatives from several countries and to contribute to the realization of a new approach and strategy for our marketing organization, which I believe is quite exciting! Apart from Marketing, our team consists of Sales Excellence, Commercial Training, Service Excellence, and Pricing Excellence.

When not at work, I like to explore the city – I have still so much to see of it – or doing some physical activity, being it going to the gym or for a run. Otherwise, I am always up for grabbing a coffee and having a good chat with friends.

If you have questions on the company, team, or programme, please, feel free to reach out