From Italy to Denmark: Embracing change and growth


Hi everyone, I am Giulia and I´m one of the 2023 Commercial Excellence Graduates at Demant.
I am originally from Italy, and I moved to Denmark to embark on this new adventure and begin my 2 years journey as a graduate, which has been very exciting so far!

When I graduated from university and started working, I still felt like there was more for me to explore: I wanted to try different things and make sure to evaluate different options before deciding what to do on a longer term, and what´s better than a Graduate Programme to do that? I´m very glad to have the opportunity to rotate and work across different areas of Commercial Excellence and learn from my colleagues every day.

Of course, moving to a new country is quite an important decision to make, but honestly, it was quite easy for me to see that this was the right thing for me to do. On one hand I felt very encouraged by the prospect of gaining invaluable experiences and growing both professionally and personally, and on the other, since the first day I came here for the Graduate Programme Assessment Center, I just had the feeling that I would have liked it here, which, I´m happy to say, has been widely confirmed.

As a graduate at Demant you have access to a wide network of people, from the other graduates, that can give you an overview of how different areas of the company works, to top management representatives, that take their time to also have session with us and share their point of view and career experiences.

During the first week of the Programme, we also had the possibility to see the different headquarters of the companies that are also in the Demant group, and we even travelled to Poland a few months later to see our main production site, which has definitely been a very interesting experience and has made me reflect on the value we can really create for improving other people´s life. All this combined with the fun of spending time together with the other graduates of my batch and Carolin and Aurora, who manage the whole Programme and make these experiences possible (you can see here some of the pictures of those days😉).





As you can see, there are many aspects that make this Programme a great opportunity, but if I personally had to pick just one aspect of this new life that I´m most grateful for, I would definitely choose the people. From the other graduates to my whole team, everybody has been so kind and welcoming to me and available to listen and help with good advises – no matter whether it was a personal or working-related issue.

If I have convinced you that the Graduate Programme at Demant is great and you have some questions, feel free to reach out! 😊


About the author

Giulia Fasulo
Commercial Excellence Graduate