Muyi Amber Wang

Hi, my name is Amber. I am one of the 2022 Audiology graduates. I am originally from China, but I have been living in Melbourne, Australia since high school. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in University of Melbourne and decided to continue my study in the niche area of clinical audiology for my Master’s. I would say it is a wise choice because it has led me to Demant.

I just moved to Copenhagen in August 2022 and officially started this program in September. I am very glad that I applied for the programme because it has been fantastic so far. My first rotation is to work with Philips team for several long-term projects. I am learning constantly through daily work, and it is a good opportunity to collaborate with people from different departments and hear their opinions.

In my free time, I usually do yoga trainings. When winter comes, I like to go skiing.

Feel free to contact me for any questions about how it feels like about moving to Denmark or about the graduate programme!