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Hi everybody, I am Amber and I am one of this year’s Audiology Graduates. I am currently working on my first rotation with the Philips team. As one of the internationals that just moved to Denmark to start a new life and a new career, I have had a very exciting experience so far.

It was tough to move to a new country and try to get used to all the differences and bureaucracy, such as solving bank account, ID and apartment while starting a new job at the same time. It was all very fast paced, intense and super interesting.

During the first weeks of the graduate programme, all new graduates were offered plenty of activities and trips as a welcome to Demant. We had the opportunity to see the company from different angles as we visited the headquarters of other brands and areas of Demant Group. We were even given face-to-face presentations by the CFO and a few vice-presidents from each department. It has been an amazing opportunity to understand how the Demant Group runs, and we have gained deeper knowledge about our business. As a part of our welcome program, the company also arranged a trip to Demant’s production site in Poland.

I felt very touched especially as a clinician, as it is quite amazing when you see how hearing aids are produced from scratch. It is not only about assembling all the parts together, but also about coordinating a lot of people and having very precise control across the whole production line to ensure quality and standards: a lot of teamwork is required across departments. Another learning from the Poland trip is about the hearing aids. Our final products are small to hold in your hands. However, now I see them as pieces of art that combine innovative research, long term development, hardware and software designs, and a production controlled to the millisecond, all in one. After they leave the production site, these fascinating pieces can change people’s lives in the future. This gives me more reassurance on the fact that daily work we get to do in the headquarters is very meaningful.

This program really demonstrated to us how Demant as a global group manages to utilize multiple entities in different geographic locations and time zones to run as a big machine. Last but not least, after the trip and all the activities we did together, I felt even closer to all the graduates. We had a great time together, and a lot of fun. I do not feel away from home anymore. Everybody is very supportive of each other, and every day I am looking forward to coming to work and seeing all the friendly faces that surround me.

Muyi Amber Wang


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Muyi Amber Wang
Audiology Graduate