Pelle Skyttegaard Nilsson

My name is Pelle Skyttegaard Nilsson, and I am a Legal Graduate in Demant.

I graduated from Copenhagen Business School in May 2022 with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law, Cand.Merc.(jur.) and a Minor’s degree in Legal Management.

Throughout my studies I have been working at another C25 company and I came to like supporting a business that offers work across different levels of the value chain as it gives a thorough and unique insight into the company as well as broad palette of challenges with much variety in the daily work, which accounts for part of the reason why I applied for the graduate programme at Demant.

Moreover, the graduate programme offers an opportunity for personal development and learning through courses, rotations in different departments and working abroad, which is why I regard the programme to be a great career start.

I am starting my first rotation in Group Legal & Compliance, supporting the business in several branches with tasks varying from small agreements to acquisitions of companies. Furthermore, being part of the legal team also means being part of the corporate functions in Demant, handling matters on a group level which provides a very broad exposure to the business. Prior to starting my employment, I was told that Demant has a very friendly and informal culture, and my expectations have definitely been exceeded.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing sports, spending time with my friends and family and I have a great passion for cars and mechanics so, from time to time I am knee deep in an engine repair way out of my skillset.