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My name is Pelle, and I've recently embarked on my third job transition in Demant in just over a year. Joining the US Legal team at the Demant office in Somerset, NJ, I find myself once again in the exciting yet demanding world of adapting to new roles. In this blog post, I'll share my experiences, challenges, and the rewarding aspects of navigating change in a professional setting.

A Warm Welcome

As I take on my third out of four rotations over a two-year period, I've had the pleasure of relocating to our US offices in New Jersey. I have received a very warm welcome from everyone in the office, specially from the legal team whose welcoming support has been invaluable in making me feel a part of the team, and I'm grateful for the collegiality, expertise, and dedication that defines this group. A special thanks to my immediate supervisor, Jill, US Compliance Managing Counsel who has had focus on my development and involved me closely in shaping my work areas from day one.

Being a New Colleague for Two Years

Transitioning into new roles is undoubtedly demanding, both socially and professionally. On a social level, integrating into a new team requires an active presence and a genuine effort to connect with colleagues. Professionally, in my experience so far, adapting to new ways of working is an exercise in embracing change by investing time and effort into understanding and adjusting to the team’s dynamics and work patterns. While there is a natural eagerness to contribute to the team efforts from day one, understanding and aligning with the work practices that are idiosyncratic to a team has been an inevitable part of finding my own way to perform and create value in specific working environments. When transitioning into a new team, it's easy to fall into the comfort of familiar work patterns, but actively seeking to understand and integrate into the unique working environment is essential for adapting to a new team's dynamics. The process takes time and can create a feeling of lagging behind, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial challenges.

One of my key learnings so far throughout these transitions is that patience toward my own learning is important, as the initial eagerness to contribute meets the challenges of adapting. Finding comfort in learning while seeking to create value in the beginning of each transition has been a challenging part for me. However, when new learnings start to materialize and knowledge gained from either the current or previous rotations of the Graduate Programme becomes applicable, the patience invested in those early days really pays off.

Going to the US

Coincidentally, my 6-month rotation in the US overlaps by 5 months with Lars’, one of the Finance Graduates, rotations which has been great as we have shared a lot of practical planning efforts, making the move more seamless, but even more so for the time outside of work that we spend together.

Lars and I live in the same apartment building in Jersey City, about 15 minutes from Manhattan, and the two months I have enjoyed here so far have been packed with memorable experiences. From long walks around NYC to beach volleyball games on the upper west side, exploring amazing restaurants, and participating in fun events like Halloween and Thanksgiving parties and parades. Jill, my supervisor, even hosted us for a proper Thanksgiving dinner, giving us a true sense of what Thanksgiving in the US is about.

Besides the time in NYC, my girlfriend and I went on a road trip down the I-95, exploring the beautiful beaches and cities of the East Coast, including Charleston, Jacksonville, Savannah, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. It was a trip filled with good food, incredible wildlife, and exciting history. Truly a huge experience for us both, that we hope to repeat.

As I look forward to the remaining time here, I am eager to engage more with my team and dive deeper into my work projects.

Feel free to reach out - I'm happy to answer any questions about the Demant Graduate Programme, international experiences, the Legal track, or anything else you may be curious about.

Pelle Skyttegaard Nilsson

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