Meet Carolin, our Graduate Programme Manager


I have been employed in Human Resources at Demant for seven years and am managing our graduate programme. I’ve worked with Talent Acquisition for twelve years by now and really love to work with people. I am originally from Germany, but also became Danish citizen some years ago. I live with my husband and my two kids in Copenhagen.

Why should one apply to the programme?
Demant’s Graduate Programme is a unique programme for mainly three reasons: flexibility, exposure, and network. It is unique because we adjust to business needs, but we also accommodate the wishes of the graduates and their personal development. As a graduate, you also get a lot of responsibility and exposure from day one, and you get a great network both in-house and with our business units around the world. After two years, you really know the company inside out, and people will know you.

It is furthermore a rather small programme, as we usually recruit 10 graduates per batch, so you are really taken care of and supervised not only by me, but also by your host manager from the respective business unit, your day-to-day manager from the respective rotation you are on, and a graduate from the previous batch. It is a very personal and personalized programme. Also, we have just been voted as one of the top ten graduate programmes in Denmark.

Finally, our international focus is one good reason to apply as well. Demant is a truly international workplace, and this aspect is very important to me. I have lived abroad myself for half of my life and I really understand what it means to have a different background and what kind of cultural clashes one can face. I like having talks about this with my international graduates as well.

Who should apply to the programme?
Our programme usually fits people who want to kickstart their career and have a steep learning curve, but also young talents who don’t really know what type of position would fit them and in what direction to go. You get the possibility to see different parts of the company and work in different teams and find out what fits you best.

The programme is also something for you if you would like to get a broad network not only with your colleagues and stakeholders. The graduates from each batch really bond and become friends. They hang out outside working hours and are very supportive towards each other. You feel like you are part of a community, and we organize team days, fun stuff, and company visits as well. This is something special that you don’t get to experience in a regular junior position.

What makes Demant stand out as a company?
Our core strength is that we help people, and we consider ourselves a life-changing company. We do everything we can for people with a hearing loss. When you are having a bad day, or something doesn’t go well, it is good to know you are having a positive impact with your job, that you are doing something valuable and meaningful. Also, since we are a medical company, we deal with highly specialized technology that is very fascinating.

What should one expect from the application process?
You can apply for the programme from 1st November on our job portal at our Demant website. Then, in January, we choose some candidates for short video interviews. After this, we conduct our assessment center on January 25 followed by the final interviews. We like to have a short and early process so that from February on the graduates can focus on their studies with a signed contract in their hands.

What makes a good candidate?
Whenever we recruit people at Demant, we look for candidates who are motivated, humble and who like to work with others. Basically, you need to be a good colleague. In the graduate programme we also expect you to perform well at university, and you probably have a meaningful student job or did some social work next to your studies. You should have had some international experience on top of this. You furthermore need to be ambitious, engaged, flexible, and open-minded. You are changing rotations several times during our programme, so you should be able to adapt to new people, new situations, new workplaces. However, the most important thing is that you are a humble person, and that you can listen to others.

How can a candidate stand out?
You can stand out by showing that you are really motivated and that you would be very happy to work here. Show us why you would like to join us. Be yourself, be authentic. Also at the interview, rather say that you are nervous than playing a role. You can stick out by being yourself.

Do you have other tips for the application process?
Show your true self in your CV! Other than that, we do not ask for a cover letter. Instead of that, we only ask you to write some lines on how a good day a Demant would look like to you. We don’t want you to spend a lot of time on the application process. We focus more on meeting you and finding out who you are.

What motivates you to do this job as a graduate programme manager?
I really like to work with young people, help them develop and be part of their journey. It is inspiring and beneficial for me to see how the graduates grow personally and professionally over the two years. Also, I like the great network with both the graduates and their managers. It’s a nice little world for itself here at Demant filled with engaged and mission-driven young spirits. I simply love it!

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Carolin Nielsen