How is the graduate programme at Demant different?


Graduate programmes are becoming more and more popular both in Denmark and abroad as there is a fun selection process, extensive introductory activities, and exciting work opportunities. But what makes Demant's Graduate Programme special?

Firstly, in Demant, the Graduate Programme is highly regarded by the management, maybe also because our CEO, Søren Nielsen has been through a similar journey. He started his career in Demant more than 25 years ago, leaving his mark throughout the value chain as his career progressed. Today, we have 3-4 rotations over 2 years anchored in one area of expertise, such as operations, finance, or business, but rotating between different departments, projects, and global teams. Throughout the rotations we have the chance to harvest the synergies created from this comprehensive overview, such as diverse business insights or extensive network across our organization.

For example, as a Global Operations Graduate, I experience the programme to be truly holistic and global. I am currently sitting in Global Supply Chain at our HQ working closely with our Polish production. In my next rotation I have the option to transfer to one of our wholesale companies or production sites, in Denmark or abroad. This gives me the opportunity to apply my current learnings and contribute to the business but also to learn in a completely new setting.

Secondly, Demant’s Graduate Programme is tailor-made to the graduate in question. The rotations are flexible, and the decision is made based on an open dialogue with the manager to ensure a red thread throughout the rotations as well as personal and professional development. To keep this agility throughout the programme Demant only hires a specific number of graduates which allows us to really get to know and help one another and allows Demant to follow our experience closely and adjust the programme where needed year-to-year.

While the programme starts with extensive and insightful introductory activities, the biggest learnings and professional development come throughout our daily work. As graduates, we get the chance to work on or even drive challenging and complex projects and we are welcomed as a sparring partner to the management due to our fresh perspectives – this gives us profound insights into the company and its dynamics.

Finally, after the programme ends, Demant welcomes the graduates as permanent employees thanks to their valuable skillset and far-reaching business overview.

In case of questions about the Graduate Programme or to the Global Operations track specifically, please feel free reach out.

Zsófia Keszler


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Zsófia Keszler
Global Operations Graduate