Being a Graduate at Demant


Part II

Being a Graduate at Demant:

Being a part of the Graduate Programme at Demant has been an amazing experience, and in a very short period, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge. Each day presents a positive challenge, leading to growth in both my professional and personal capacities. This journey is further enhanced by the camaraderie among my fellow graduates—who are all exceptionally talented young professionals, each excelling in their respective fields. We engage in numerous social activities and generally spend a lot of time together—not out of obligation, but because we genuinely enjoy each other's company. We also occasionally organize social events with the second-year graduates, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among us. This sense of camaraderie, which Demant excels at nurturing, is one of many reasons I am proud to be part of this organization. Currently, I am one of the nine members in the first-year graduate group.


Advice for Future Graduates:

If you aspire to work at Demant as a graduate, here is some advice that you might find useful. First and foremost, I strongly recommend being yourself throughout the entire process, from the moment you apply until you secure the position. Remember, it's a mutual selection: you choose Demant just as much as they choose you, so stay true to yourself.

Be honest about the challenges you face. I have found that articulating these challenges is beneficial because it ensures honesty with both yourself and those around you. Once you achieve this level of transparency, it also becomes the moment when those around you can provide useful feedback, helping you move forward and improve upon the aspects you find difficult to understand or resolve. This philosophy of continuous improvement has become somewhat of a mantra at Demant, and I personally love it.

Another piece of advice is to take it easy with your own learning. Suddenly, the barrage of information you receive at the beginning will make sense, and you will find yourself able to apply what you've learned in your daily work. Gradually, you will build a solid foundation to stand on, making the ascent seem less daunting. While there will always be challenges akin to climbing Alpe d'Huez, with a solid foundation, these challenges will turn into enjoyable pursuits as they arise. Furthermore, everyone understands that you are new and in a learning phase; therefore, there are no stupid questions. Asking about anything you don't understand only adds to your wisdom. People are kind at Demant and generally want to see you succeed, so make sure to leverage this supportive environment to grow and learn as much as you can.

Also, invest in the people around you, including your team and other graduates, such as 1st and 2nd-year graduates, but also alumni who are still in the organization. First-year graduates are experiencing the same things as you, and second-year graduates have already been through them, so lean on each other. Sharing your experiences with like-minded individuals makes everything more enjoyable. Most importantly, remember to enjoy it all, because time flies incredibly fast when you’re surrounded by great people, part of a good organization, and immersed in constant learning.

Lastly, if you're ambitious, always curious to learn more, not scared to take on challenges, and want to do work that really matters, then I definitely suggest checking out the Graduate Programme at Demant.



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Mohamed Abdi Hassan
IT Graduate