Mohamed Abdi Hassan

Education: MS in Digital Innovation & Management (, IT University of Copenhagen

Start in Demant: September 2023

My name is Mohamed, and I am one of two IT graduates from the 2023 batch. I hold a Master's degree in Digital Innovation and Management ( from the IT University of Copenhagen, having completed my studies in June of this year.

I was drawn to the Graduate Programme at Demant for several reasons. Firstly, I believe Demant is at the forefront of innovation, which I find deeply exciting. Secondly, the company's commitment to improving the quality of life resonates with me, as I seek to engage in work that is meaningful. Thirdly, the programme is distinctive as it offers both personal and professional development and provides broad exposure to all levels of the organization. Lastly, my decision to apply was also influenced by the consistently positive remarks from current and former employees about their experiences at Demant.

During my first rotation, I am based at the IT Management Office. Currently, I am involved in co-crafting our Project Status and Health Report for Q4, aimed at our Board of Directors. This task focuses on our major IT investments and entails engaging with various stakeholders. As Demant values internal networking, this has been very beneficial for me on both a professional and personal level. Engaging with these stakeholders often presents the opportunity to receive invaluable advice, which I find immensely rewarding. Moreover, the flat organizational structure opens the door to direct conversations with senior management, enabling me to expand my network across various departments and functions globally. This also allows me to observe and learn from professionals at the highest levels.

So far, my experience with Demant has overwhelmingly surpassed all my expectations. There is a steep learning curve, the environment is highly dynamic and empowering, and there is always support when needed.

When I'm not working, I immerse myself in making music, cherish moments with friends, and lose myself in the pages of a good book. I also delight in discovering culinary gems with my partner and spend plenty of quality time with my loved ones, as I am a big family person.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.