My first five months at Demant: A journey of learning and growth


Part I

About Me: 

My name is Mohamed, and I am first year IT Graduate at Demant. Unlike some of the other IT graduates, my path is more defined, focusing primarily on IT Portfolio & Project Management. I hold a BSc. in Information Science and Culture Communication from the University of Copenhagen and a MSc. ( in Digital Innovation and Management from the IT University of Copenhagen. I am what some might describe as an IT nerd, a tech advocate, and a technology enthusiast. I was drawn to the Graduate Programme at Demant for several reasons: Firstly, I perceive Demant as a house of innovation, which I find deeply exciting. Secondly, the company's commitment to improving the quality of life for people with hearing impairment resonates with me, as I seek to engage in work that is meaningful. Even though I'm not one of the bright minds in R&D, I am a small cog somewhere along the assembly line, which is good enough for me.

After my studies:

After defending my thesis, I embarked on a long-awaited summer vacation filled with butterflies and excitement about what awaited me after the break. Even before I began my thesis, I had secured a graduate position at Demant, and there is a certain peace in knowing what lies ahead once your studies are concluded.

My first 5 months:

On September 1, 2023, I formally began my tenure with Demant as a full-time employee. Upon my arrival, the Head of the Graduate Programme, our host managers, and many others extended the warmest of welcomes to me and the other new graduates, truly embodying the welcoming and warm culture of Demant. After a week filled with business introductions and site visits, the real work commenced. It was at this point that I was thoroughly introduced to my team and the tasks ahead, where I quickly realized the steep learning curve I faced, requiring my complete focus to keep up.

While my start at Demant was filled with enthusiasm, it was not devoid of challenges. In my eagerness, I initially tried to take on too much, too quickly. Considering the complexity of an organization like Demant, it naturally takes time to fully grasp the business and be properly onboarded. My error was in thinking that I could speed up this process, convincing myself I would be fully prepared in a very short time. In other words, I didn't give myself enough time to learn and absorb everything thoroughly. This led to a feeling of defeat when I couldn't master everything as quickly as I had hoped. This has been one of the early lessons I've learned: the importance of patience with my own learning curve. However, once I embraced patience and allowed myself the necessary time to fully absorb and understand the business, as well as to settle into my role as a graduate with limited experience in many areas, I began to experience greater satisfaction in my daily work. It's only in recent times that I've recognized the impact of my learnings, which has enabled me to contribute positively to my department, my teammates, and the organization.

My first rotation is in the IT Management Office for Global IT, where also the office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is situated. Our team, composed of 14 closely-knit professionals, includes specialists in IT Vendor and Contract management, IT Finance and Analytics, Project Management, Agile Portfolio Management, Executive Support and Communications. In my capacity within IT Portfolio Management, I am currently engaged in the preparation of our Project Status and Health Report for Q1 2024, intended for our Board of Directors. This marks the third iteration of such a report and my third time contributing to the process, with a focus on our Strategic Initiatives, which represent our largest IT investments. The creation of this report has been a collaborative effort with my manager, and I take great pride in our work, which has received positive feedback from all stakeholders. For the upcoming report, I have been entrusted to lead the reporting process for the first time, reflecting the trust placed in us graduates. While the expectations are high, so is the level of trust afforded to us.    

In addition to my responsibilities in IT Portfolio Management, I am also part of the Azure DevOps team. Our primary goal is to shape and improve the delivery model within Global IT. In this role, I work closely with the Agile Portfolio Manager to ensure the adoption of consistent practices across Global IT. Any updates, additions, or changes to the Azure DevOps processes go through us. Our job involves supporting Global IT and setting the guidelines for how Azure DevOps processes should be organized and implemented, to maintain a unified and efficient workflow across the organization. One aspect that I truly cherish in this part of my job is the challenge of taking something complex and simplifying it. It is by no means an easy task, but the satisfaction that comes from successfully distilling complexity into something clear and manageable is immensely rewarding to me.

In this role, I am also a member of the ADO Improvement Board and CommuniTeam, which includes a Portfolio Manager from each IT area. Within these settings, we engage in thoughtful discussions on portfolio-level management and strategies. Observing the professional and methodical approach these experts take towards challenges has been really enlightening, and I have learned so much from them.

Working within the IT Management Office team can occasionally be quite demanding. Despite the autonomy of most IT departments, our department is still responsible for processing a considerable volume of approvals. This often results in an influx of new tasks accompanied by stringent deadlines, making our day-to-day work dynamic, varied, and stimulating, yet demanding. Fortunately, I am part of an exceptional team where we support each other extensively.

I have grown incredibly fond of the ITMO-team. We share a remarkable camaraderie, and the thought of leaving them to join another department brings a touch of sadness. However, this transition is part of the graduate program's structure, which, in its own way, is an aspect I also find appealing. Nevertheless, my attachment to the IT Management Office will remain, even as I rotate through other departments, this is where my host manager is based.

To be continued.

About the author

Mohamed Abdi Hassan
IT Graduate