The Perks of being a Graduate


As a Finance Graduate, I have experienced that one of the advantages of being a Graduate in Demant is the broad knowledge and network the graduates obtain within the Group. This can be split into three parts:

1. The area in which you rotate

2. Visiting many different locations of the Group

3. Knowing people (including other Graduates) in many business areas

The possibility to rotate within an area makes it possible for both yourself and the company to learn exactly which tasks and department can get the most out of the Graduate’s potential. A further advantage of these rotations is knowing exactly what the departments within your area are doing, and which problems they are facing. It often makes it possible to answer the question: “Why can they not deliver X on day Y instead of day Z?”, as you have been dealing with the problem that makes it difficult, or impossible, to deliver earlier.

The first two weeks as a Graduate in Demant are introduction weeks, where you spend time with the other graduates from your batch and visit many of Demant’s different locations (for example the factory and service center in Poland, Eriksholm and Interacoustics). By seeing these locations and listening to presentations from senior managers, you get an in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the Group, by knowing exactly what the different business areas do as well as how and why they do it.

As a Graduate you quickly establish a broad network, both within the area you are rotating, but also through all the other Graduates in both your own year and the years above and below you. This gives you a unique opportunity of getting to know people all around the Group. This network continuously gives you insights to what happens throughout the Group, and also makes it easier to reach out to these other business areas, if a work task requires it.

Please reach out if you have questions to the Finance track or the Graduate life at Demant.

Anders Lynge Dissing, Finance Graduate

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Anders Lynge Dissing
Finance Graduate