FAQs to a Demant Global Business Graduate


In the past few months, I have had the pleasure of interacting with several prospective applicants for the Demant Graduate Program, specifically the Global Business track. Here I have collected the most frequently asked questions and my responses.

I am a little bit uncertain about what the Global Business track. Can you please clarify?

The Global Business track spans a lot of different options, all centered in the Hearing Care (B2C) division of Demant. Demant owns and operates over 2,500+ hearing clinics in 20+ markets. All markets are supported by the global team which consists of IT, M&A, Commercial Excellence, HR, and Marketing. So, your rotations could be within one of these global teams, as well as in any of the markets in which we operate. Further, the different rotations are very much shaped by your own interests and strengths, as well as by business needs.

Could you please shed some light on the difference between the Global Business and the Commercial Excellence tracks?

I can try! From my point of view, there are two primary differences between the Global Business and the Commercial Excellence tracks. The first difference concerns the focus of the program. As mentioned above, the Global Business track is fairly wide and undefined in terms of the rotations you may end up in during your time in the Graduate Program. The Commercial Excellence track also offers many options, whether that is pricing, sales excellence, or marketing excellence, but is a bit more narrowly focused on the field of commercial excellence. The second main difference concerns the intended customers, and hereby the types of stakeholders you interact with, as well as the type of tasks presented to you. The Global Business track covers mainly the B2C part of Demant’s business, whereas the Commercial Excellence track focuses on B2B.

Are you happy that you applied, six months into the program?

Definitely! I think the experience this far has lived up, if not exceeded, the high expectations I had before I started. I think the start has been awesome in terms of the network I have already developed, as well as in terms of the trust and responsibility I was given from day one.

Do you have any tips for the application process?

Firstly, I would recommend all applicants do some research about their options, and discover which sectors, companies, and positions appeal to them. I would also recommend using the recruitment process to your own advantage in terms of educating yourself about the company culture and deciding whether there is a good fit between you and the company.

In the application I would focus on conveying not only what sets you apart in terms of achievements and experiences, but also very much on what sets you apart in terms of motivation for applying for the role. Finally, I would recommend being yourself and let your personality shine through in both the application, assessment center and the interview.

I hope this clarifies some of the typical concerns. Feel free to reach out to be if you have any further questions concerning the Global Business track or the Demant Graduate Program overall.

Nicklas Overgaard Hansen, Global Business Graduate


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