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As part of the Demant Group, we all share the common purpose to create life-changing hearing health. Every day, we strive to deliver innovative audio and hearing technologies and services to help improve people’s health and hearing. The care for people’s wellbeing and society has always been at the core of our business. We set our standards high within our Group and these high standards are reflected in the way we connect with customers, partners, third parties and other stakeholders. We strive to act responsibly and are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the law and high ethical standards.

The Group Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to this high level of business ethics and is the overarching ethics compliance document for our Group. The Code of Conduct outlines the behaviour we expect of our employees and external stakeholders. 


Please download our Code of Conduct Compliance app, which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. The compliance app will be updated regularly with new global policies, Q&As and more.

Scan the QR code and download the Code of Conduct Compliance App 



The whistleblower hotline enables employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report any serious and sensitive concern in a confidential and anonymous manner.

We encourage employees and others to raise their concerns about serious and sensitive improper actions that:

  • Fail to comply with the Demant Code of Conduct,
  • Fail to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and/or
  • Jeopardize the health and safety of our employees
  • if such actions are relevant for the Demant Group or an individual Demant company.

    This channel is meant to improve and increase transparency, both within and outside the organization.

    The whistleblower hotline is a global hotline reporting system operated by an external systems provider, Got Ethics.

    If you wish to file a report, click on the link below.

    It will also be possible to file a report via the Code of Conduct Compliance app.



    How does it work? Watch the instruction video

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    Other Global Documents


    Our Demant Group Third-Party Compliance Code reflects the behavior we as a Group expect from our third parties.

    The scope of the code is the following:

    Any individual or legal entity with whom the Demant collaborates or who acts on behalf of Demant, including, without limitation, suppliers, distributors, contractors, manufacturers, vendors, consultants, customers, agents, business partners, public and private clinics, hospitals, universities and institutions as well as non-governmental organizations.


    It is a fundamental principle that Demant competes for business on fair terms and solely on the merits of its services. Demant is committed to avoiding the use of corruption wherever we do business.

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