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  • net-zero-future-network

    4 December #Sustainability

    Demant joins network calling upon world leaders for a net-zero future

  • lenovo-epos

    07 November #Communications

    EPOS and Lenovo announce strategic partnership to deliver professional audio solutions

  • policy-on-diversity-eguity-inclusion-demant

    2 November #Corporate

    How Demant deals with unconscious bias in recruitment

  • act-test

    19 October #Diagnostics

    Interacoustics launches new breakthrough ACTTM hearing test

  • audika-in-belgium

    09 October #HearingCare

    Audika doubles its presence in Belgium after recent acquisition

  • shenwang-hearing-care

    31 August #HearingCare

    Increasing the awareness of hearing healthcare in China

  • science-based-targets-approved

    3 July #Sustainability

    Demant’s climate targets get the green light 

  • producing-hearing-aids-in-demant

    1 Juni #Corporate #HearingAids

    Producing Hearing Aids in Demant

  • diagnostics-poland

    15 March #Diagnostics #Corporate

    Grand opening of the new Diagnostics production facility in Poland

  • world-hearing-day

    3 March #Corporate #Sustainability

    Treating hearing loss goes beyond the individual

  • sonic-radiant-se

    2 March #HearingAids

    Meet the new Radiant SE product family from Sonic

  • bernafon-alpha-xt

    1 March #HearingAids

    New Bernafon Alpha XT hearing aid tackles key user challenges

  • philips-heari

    14 February #HearingAids

    Philips Hearing Solutions releases the HearLink 40 hearing aids

  • oticon-releases-real

    9 February #HearingAids

    Oticon releases new premium hearing aids Oticon RealTM

  • renewable-electricity-targets

    7 February #Sustainability

    Demant sets ambitious 2025 target for renewable electricity

  • tune-in-to-life

    13 January #Corporate

    Tune in to life – new company movie

  • poor-audio-causes-our-brains-to-work-35-harder-to-interpret-information-epos-study-finds

    2 November #Communications

    Poor audio causes our brains to work 35% harder to interpret information, EPOS study finds

  • tvr-balance-chair

    12 October #Diagnostics

    TRV Chair making life-changing differences in Australia and Canada

  • ah_art_man_in_hotel_insitu_01_rgb_hi_psd

    27 September #HearingAids

    Bernafon Alpha is now available as custom instruments

  • successful-eriksholm-summer-school-for-phd-students-and-postdocs

    7 September #Corporate #Hearing Aids

    Successful Eriksholm Summer School for PhD students and Postdocs

  • koalalumpurrd

    29 August #Corpotate

    Demant establishes new technology and innovation centre in Kuala Lumpur

  • worldclass-custom-solutions

    11 August #HearingAids

    Oticon introduces new custom hearing aids

  • interacoustics-tape-and-box

    4 August #Diagnostics #Sustainability

    Interacoustics obtains recognised environmental standard certification

  • demant-completes-acquisition-of-shengwang-in-china

    14 June #HearingCare

    Demant completes acquisition of Sheng Wang in China

  • audika-love-your-ears-campaign

    2 June #HearingCare

    Love Your Ears - Audika campaign raises awareness of hearing

  • oticon_medical_kim_42665

    27 April #HearingImplants

    Demant intends to divest its Hearing Implants business

  • epos-introduces-meeting-room-solutions-to-help-your-brain-adapt-to-hybrid-meetings

    1 April #Communications

    EPOS introduces meeting room solutions to help your brain adapt to hybrid meetings

  • demant-expands-the-executive-board

    10 March #Corporate

    Demant Expands the executive board

  • sonic-expands-the-radiant-family-with-new-styles

    8 March #HearingAids

    Sonic expands the Radiant family with new styles

  • wdf-donation-for-ukraine

    2 March #Sustainability

    William Demant Foundation donates DKK 9 million to humanitarian aid in and outside Ukraine

  • philips-hearlink-2022

    21 January #HearingAids

    Meet a happy Philips HearLink user

  • less-than-20-percent-brits

    6 January #Hearing Aids #Diagnostics #Hearing Care

    Less than 20% of Brits with hearing difficulty seek professional help

  • unicef-un0498807

    16 December #Sustainability

    William Demant Foundation donates DKK 3.5 million to UNICEF to help fight coronavirus

  • ces-award-oticon_more_complex_soundscape_music_jbs_170_tif


    Oticon MyMusic captures CES 2022 Innovation Award

  • eposlaunchesthegamingheadsetseriesh6protheheroproductintheportfoliooctober

    5 October #Communications

    EPOS launches the gaming headset series H6PRO – the hero product in the portfolio

  • om_bahs_monoprocedure_handovertable_reset_nodots_042021

    1 October #HearingImplants

    Oticon Medical Introduces One-Step Drilling Procedure for Bone Anchored Hearing Systems (BAHS) 

  • demant-commits-to-setting-ambitious-climate-targets-through-the-science-based-targets-initiative

    27 September #Sustainability

    Demant commits to setting ambitious climate targets through the Science Based Targets initiative 

  • om_bahs_ponto5mini_starpictureman_jbp5349_15182_xl-

    1 September #Hearing Implants

    Oticon Medical launches new processor for Bone Anchored Hearing System

  • oticon_va_social_gathering_gi_748318645

    30 August #HearingAids

    Oticon More sparks US success within Veterans Affairs

  • om_ci_neurozti_in-magnetic-field-illustration_reset

    16 August #HearingImplants

    New device ensures CI users’ access to 3T MRI scans

  • tijuanapicture

    1 July #Corporate #HearingAids

    Demant expands production capacity in the North American region with new factory

  • om_ci_fda-approved_neuro-ci-system_wide-ppt_screen-format

    24 June #HearingImplants

    Oticon Medical receives FDA pre-market approval of the Neuro cochlear implant system

  • gender-diversity-pledge

    27 May #Sustainability

    Demant signs pledge to increase gender diversity

  • reduces115tonnesplasticinhearingaidaccessoriesproduction

    27 April #HearingAids #Sustainability

    Hearing Aids reduces plastic waste by 11.5 tonnes

  • interacoustics_j3a1066_edit_ia_color

    23 April #Diagnostics

    Visual reinforcement helps screen difficult-to-test children

  • epos-takes-its-first-steps-into-the-video-collaboration-space-with-expand-vision-3t--april

    21 April #Communications

    EPOS takes its first steps into the video collaboration space with EXPAND Vision 3T

  • oticon_more_woman_laughing_jbs_1038_tif

    16 March #HearingCare #HearingAids #Sustainability

    Wearing effective hearing aids could reduce stress

  • epos-aston-martin-sponsorship

    4 February #Communications

    EPOS teams up with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

  • interacoustics_j3a1434_ia_color

    21 January #Diagnostics

    Interacoustics launches Luna, a new groundbreaking audiometer built into a headset

  • bf_peo_couple_75th_anniversary_rgb_hi

    13 January #HearingAids

    Bernafon celebrates its 75-year anniversary