3 November 2020 - Interim Management Statement


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  • 28 Sep
  • Boston (J.P. Morgan)
  • 29 Sep
  • New York (J.P. Morgan)
  • 7 Oct
  • Tokyo (UBS)
  • 8 Oct
  • Hong Kong (UBS)
  • 9 Oct
  • Singapore (UBS)
  • 4 Nov
  • Copenhagen (Carnegie)
  • 5 Nov
  • London (Berenberg), Zurich (Nordea)
  • 6 Nov
  • Paris (Danske Bank), Frankfurt (Commerzbank), Geneva (Nordea)
  • 17-18 Nov
  • London (Jefferies Healthcare Conference)
  • 18 Nov
  • Edinburgh (Berenberg)
  • 19 Nov
  • Dublin (Berenberg), London (ABGSC Nordic Opportunities Seminar)
  • 1 Dec
  • New York (Jefferies)
  • 2 Dec
  • Toronto (Exane BNP Paribas), Montreal (Exane BNP Paribas)
  • 3 Dec
  • Chicago (Goldman Sachs)

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  • Revenue
  • +7%
  • 2018: DKK 13,937 million
  • 2019: DKK 14,946 million
  • Operating profit (EBIT)
  • -15%
  • 2018: DKK 2,532 million
  • 2019: DKK 2,151 million (negative impact of IT incident of DKK 550 million)


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Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare group. Our purpose is to create life-changing differences through hearing health for millions of people across the world. 

We are the only company in the world that covers all the four business activities of the hearing healthcare area, i.e. traditional hearing instruments, hearing implants, diagnostic instruments as well as personal communication.

With our approach to hearing healthcare and our complete product range, we are fully equipped to help people with various kinds of hearing loss connect with the world and live their lives to the fullest.


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    Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare group making a life-changing difference to millions of people all over the world.

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    With a unique position in the hearing healthcare market, based on true innovation and an efficient global set-up, we are equipped to help millions of people.