Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group built on a heritage of care, health and innovation since 1904. Today, the Group’s activities span the delivery of hearing care through global network of hearing aid clinics, development and sales of hearing aids, diagnostic instruments, services and audio solutions. We are a leader in innovation, and we address markets that are supported by strong structural growth drivers and are characterised by high levels of complexity in technology, distribution and regulatory environments. Over the last decades, the Group has grown significantly and now employs more than 21,000 employees worldwide. In 2023, Demant generated revenue of DKK 22.4 billion and EBIT of DKK 4.1 billion, while returning DKK 0.8 billion to shareholders in the form of share-buybacks.

In the medium- to long-term, Demant aims to generate 7-10% growth in local currencies p.a. and to increase EBIT margins in each business area. As an integral part of this strategy, the Group is committed to reinvesting in the business to create innovative technology and adding value through acquisitions. As a part of Demant’s capital allocation principles, all excess funds after acquisitions are returned to the shareholders through share-buybacks.

The company is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen and is part of the OMX C25 index, consisting of the 25 largest publicly traded companies in Denmark. With William Demant Foundation holding approx. 58% of the shares in Demant A/S, Demant has a stable ownership structure that allows the Group to focus on long-term value creation.


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