Through more than 115 years, our company has developed hearing health and from this platform, we have taken new steps into the broader area of audio.

  • net-zero-future-network

    Demant joins network calling upon world leaders for a net-zero future

    Demant stands together with 39 other Danish businesses to address the importance of ensuring a just transition to a net-zero future and call upon governments to support this effort. Read more here
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    Interim Management Statement

    Demant has published its Interim Management Statement for the third quarter of 2023. The Group generated organic revenue growth of 13% and delivered strong profitability. Outlook for 2023 narrowed with respect to organic growth and EBIT to reflect reduced overall uncertainty. You will find a link to the recorded webcast and the presentation here.
  • act-test

    Interacoustics launches new hearing test

    18 October at the EUHA congress, Interacoustics launched the game-changing Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™) test that addresses the number one complaint of people with hearing loss: Hearing conversations in noisy environments. Read more about ACT here

Tune in to life portrays life inside Demant and how our products and services enable users to tune in to the things that matter. In a cinematic journey into our world of hearing health,  we invite viewers into our sound studios, our labs, our hearing care clinics and into the heart of our production and distribution – and we see how teamwork across borders and departments forms an indispensable foundation for our daily work.

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Total number of employees: around 20,500
Revenue in 2022: DKK 19,705 million
Operating profit in 2022: DKK 3,207 million
Presence: 130 countries
Employee gender distribution: 62% women and 38% men
Gender diversity all managers: 44% women and 56% men
CO2 emission reductions by 2030: approx. 50%
William Demant Foundation’s donations in 2022: DKK 112 million

  • Revenue
  • 10%
  • 2022: DKK 19,705 million
  • 2021: DKK 17,905 million
  • Operating profit (EBIT)
  • -12%
  • 2022: DKK 3,207 million
  • 2021: DKK 3,663 million