Purpose and strategy

We have an ambition to become the global leader which is founded on a strategy to operate multiple businesses that share important synergies within technology, distribution and global infrastructure It also rests on a well-defined purpose and on a focus on people, culture and sustainability ambitions 


Our purpose is based on our past, present and future. It sums up why Demant exists and our legacy to the world. And it captures that what we deliver to individuals and society matters.

Through more than 115 years, our company has developed hearing health and from this platform, we have taken new steps into the broader area of audio. We create life-changing differences through hearing health.

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Founded on care: Our founders’ commitment to care for people living with hearing loss. Focus on health: Our determination to improve the general health and well-being of our users. Shaping the future: Our promise to deliver the broadest, deepest and most innovative solutions in audio and hearing.

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Demant’s business model is based on a high level of product innovation Our operating model is designed to run the business areas separately while achieving synergies for the entire Group in innovation, infrastructure and distribution

The employees are our most valuable resource, and we work with defined focus areas and global initiatives within People & culture. Shared Group values help us create a mutual understanding of our culture.

Our values are the DNA of our Group culture, the very core of who we are and what we do. They support our purpose to create life-changing hearing health and our ambition to become the world's leading hearing healthcare company.

Founded in 1904, Demant is built on a heritage of care and innovation. We get involved in some of the most important aspects of people's lives by enabling them to communicate, socialise and be actively engaged without constraints.

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    We create trust

    We value the opinions of our customers and colleagues. We promote a work environment based on inclusion, honesty, integrity and respect. We always keep our promises.

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    We are team players

    We collaborate and network effectively across Demant. We take initiative and help each other to achieve our ambitious goals.


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    We create innovative solutions

    We challenge ourselves to improve and find new, value-adding solutions. We are curious to share ideas and insights to increase our collective innovativeness.  


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    We apply a can-do-attitude

    We always look for opportunities to win the business and do our best to add value to our customers. We find solutions and act.