The Demant Group contains many bright, innovative employees driven by a desire to make a difference. To ensure a workplace that is safe and engaging, we convey an atmosphere characterised by care and respect for others. 

To ensure Demant is a leading employer in our industry, we have the following ambitions:

  • Demant believes in a strong connection between a high engagement among employees and a successful business
  • Demant honours diversity and fosters an unbiased and inclusive culture with fair opportunities
  • We protect and honour the human and labour rights of our employees. We proactively and continuously improve working conditions and focus on health and safety
  • We ensure the highest quality of leadership and talent development as well as a culture driven by our Group Values

  • people-and-culture-round-2021_engagement

    Employee engagement rate increased from 3.93 to 4.02 on a scale of 1-5

  • people-and-culture-round-2021_women-in-management

    Women in management 2021 
    1 percentage point  increase in number of women in management 

  • people-and-culture-round-2021_gender_diversity

    Gender diversity total workforce
    62% women and 38% men 

  • people-and-culture-round-2021_gender_diversity_workplace_flexibility

    Global workplace flexibility 
    Ensuring flexibility of working partly from home 


It is a fundamental right to be who you are, also at work. The Demant Group employs a diverse group of people from all parts of the world with many different backgrounds, and our ability to embrace the strengths that diversity brings to the table is one of the key roots of our business. We have a focused approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

To guide this work, in 2021 we introduced a new Demant diversity, equity and inclusion position paper, which has steered our work and formed the basis of DE&I policy-making and target-setting, and in June 2022, we launched our new Diversity, equity and inclusion policy including targets for gender diversity in top management.

Read more about our work with DE&I in the Sustainability Report 2021.

Supporting our employees in developing their professional competencies to grow individually, as part of a team and as part of Demant is high on our agenda. Consequently, we encourage people in their development, while ensuring that everyone has the right function with a skill set that matches business needs and challenges. 

We have several initiatives in place globally, including a global Demant position on workplace flexibility, a Leadership Framework to develop and train all and a new Career Framework to support managers and employees in seeing all the exciting career opportunities in the Demant Group.

With a global fight for personnel, we are also highly dedicated to our talent acquisition and several initiatives endorsing this. We benefit from strong company brands that attract talent to Demant, the core target groups being engineers and audiologists.
Read more about this work in the Sustainability Report

Our Demant Group engagement rate continues to grow steadily while we look out for new opportunities and potential for further improvement.
We report on engagement in the Sustainability Report. 


It is our duty to take good care of our employees by ensuring that our workplaces are operated in a safe and sound manner. Mental health is an essential part of health and well-being and Demant strives to be a workplace in which people enjoy spending their time at work. 

Although the type of manufacturing that takes place across our Group is not classified as unsafe or risky, we take the risk of accidents seriously and have different measures in place to ensure safety. We manage to keep the level of incidents at our production sites fairly low without alarming patterns. 
Find details in the Sustainability Report.