Demant’s values work to create a culture where everyone can belong, grow and contribute. The people in Demant are the most valuable part of our business, and their well-being, safety, engagement and development is fundamental to our success. 



It is a fundamental right to be who you are, also at work. Demant employs people from all parts of the world with different ethnic background, personality, nationality, age, gender and education, and we strive to treat all employees fairly and equally.

Our ability to embrace the strengths that diversity brings to the table is one of the key roots of our business and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is a top priority in Demant. Our work with this area is guided by a DE&I policy and targets.

Read our policy on Diversity, equity and inclusion

Moving the needle on diversity targets
To drive the implementation and impact of our DE&I policy, we work with two diversity targets for gender diversity in top-management, which we report on in the 
Sustainability Report 2023.


Global top-level management gender diversity target 2025

Global top-level management team gender diversity target 2025

Within the target of max. ¾ of the same gender on a team

Not on target of max. ¾ of the same gender on a team

The health and well-being of our employees are fundamental to our success. Our engagement rate is increasing steadily, but we are always looking for new opportunities and potential for further improvement to increase the engagement rate even further. 

We measure and manage employee engagement through the engagement programme Pulse. This included a global survey through which we obtain knowledge of the current levels of engagement in individual teams across Demant. The survey covers all of the Group. 

While the survey is the cornerstone of the Pulse programme, the real work lies within each team where team members and managers discuss results, attention areas and attend to actions throughout the year. The Pulse dialogue takes place locally in the individual teams and are both highly encouraged and supported by Demant HR.    

With a global fight for staff, Demant must attract and retain the right talent and we have several initiatives in place supporting this. We encourage people in their development, while ensuring the right functions and skill sets to match business needs and challenges. 

As part of our efforts to remain an attractive workplace, while improving business performance, we have several initiatives in place globally. This includes a global position on workplace flexibility, a global graduate programme, a leadership framework on how to develop and train all managers, as well as a career framework on how to support managers and employees and promote all the exciting career opportunities in the Demant Group.

It is our duty to take good care of our employees by ensuring that our workplaces are operated in a safe and sound manner. Mental health is an essential part of our health and well-being, and we strive to be a workplace where people enjoy spending time. 

Although the type of manufacturing that takes place across our Group is not classified as unsafe or risky, we take the risk of accidents seriously and have different measures in place to ensure that we are all safe. We have thus succeeded in keeping the level of incidents at our production sites fairly low and without identifying any alarming patterns.


Group-wide HR initiatives are prioritised, managed and coordinated via three main global forums, all chaired Demant’s Senior Vice President of HR:

Global HR Board
Meets bi-monthly to set direction and priorities, approves strategies, initiatives and funding and makes decisions on operating models. 

Global Strategic HR Forum
Meets monthly and is, among others, responsible for preparing the strategic agenda for the Global HR Board, while aligning and managing execution on HR strategy for Global HR communication planning. 

Global HR Forum
Covers information sharing, HR strategy communication and HR community building in quarterly meetings.