Our core commitment to society is to help people overcome hearing loss and improve their quality of life through innovative solutions. Through life-changing hearing health, we contribute to building a more sustainable world where all people have the opportunity to hear, actively participate in life and be appreciated.

Sustainability is an area in constant development at Demant - and it should be.

As a hearing healthcare and technology group with a broad range of business activities, our sustainability strategy embraces the similarities and differences between our business areas, company brands and geographical locations.

In our sustainability report, we provide insight into materiality and our ambitions, as well as how we work with and develop our sustainability efforts to deliver on our targets. It is our way of illustrating our positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals, while addressing the risks that our business and operation might have for people, society and the planet. In doing so, we highlight selected projects, progress and results.


When millions of people are enabled to tune in to life and live an active life, it has a huge impact. 

The differences we make for people living with hearing loss is our most important contribution to society and to a more sustainable world.


Delivering life-changing hearing health in 2023


Demant’s core contribution to sustainable development is to be found under SDG 3. Our core business and our overall purpose to make life-changing differences through hearing health change the lives of people with hearing loss. From screening new-borns to testing people in our clinics, we stay in people’s lives to continue to improve their hearing.




By doing ground-breaking scientific research and boosting our R&D spending in the countries where we conduct R&D, we create innovation. Our majority owner, William Demant Foundation, donates to universities around the world, and Demant contribute with cutting-edge health research and support the development of health infrastructure.


  • sustainability_people-and-culture

    People & culture

    The safety, well-being, engagement and development of Demant employees are fundamental to our success.

  • sustainability_environment-and-climate

    Environment & climate

    We want to do our part to combat rapid climate changes, the loss of biodiversity and other challenges threatening our planet.

  • sustainability_society-and-local-communities

    Society & local community

    As a company, we are an important part of society so it is essential for Demant to give back to society and contribute to local communities.

  • sustainability_business-ethic-and-governance

    Business ethics & governance

    To Demant, ethical behaviour and strong governance processes are an undeniable part of conducting a sustainable business.