Our core commitment to society is helping people to overcome hearing loss and improving quality of life through innovative solutions. We are the only company in the world that covers all aspects of hearing healthcare and from this platform, we have also taken steps into the broader area of audio.

Sustainability is an area in constant development at Demant, which is how it should be.

As a hearing healthcare and technology group with a broad range of business activities, our Sustainability Strategy embraces the similarities and differences between our business areas, company brands and geographical locations.

Our Sustainability Framework provides a quick overview of the areas that are material to us as a group and which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have the biggest and most direct impact. The main priorities - diversity, equity and inclusion and climate impact - which we have chosen to focus on from a sustainability perspective are topics where we have identified opportunities for significant improvement if we put in extra effort.


Untreated hearing loss influences beyond the individual, affecting families, societies and everyday life. By being present in every aspect of hearing healthcare, we contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world. Across the Demant Group we make a difference for people living with hearing loss.

  • delivering-on-our-purpose-hearing-aids

    11 million years with improved quality of life based on the lifetime of fitted hearing aids  

  • delivering-on-our-purpose-oticon-medical
    Above 75,000 hearing implant users living with profound, conductive or single-sided hearing loss had an Oticon Medical implant
  • delivering-on-our-purpose-diagnostics

    Facilitated the screening and diagnosing of over 200 million people with suspected hearing loss 

  • delivering-on-our-purpose-kids

    Facilitated the hearing screening of approximately 20 million children

  • delivering-on-our-purpose-communications

    Supported more than 4 million with headsets for collaborative work and gaming

Our way of making a difference through life-changing hearing health is our most important contribution to global health as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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It is under SDG 3 that Demant has its core contribution to sustainable development. Our core business and purpose of life-changing differences through hearing health change the lives of people with hearing loss. From screening newborns to testing in our clinics, we stay in people’s lives to continue to improve their hearing abilities and audio experiences.

By providing ground-breaking scientific research and boosting R&D spending in the countries where we operate with R&D, we bring innovation. Through William Demant Foundation, we make donations to universities around the world, contribute with cutting-edge health research and support development of health infrastructure.

We give insight into our ambitions and how we work with and develop our sustainability efforts in the Sustainability Report. It is our way of illustrating our indisputable positive impact on the sustainable development goals, while addressing the risks that our business and operation might entail for people, society and the planet. In doing so, we highlight selected projects, progress and results.


The report serves as Demant’s Communication on Progress report to the United Nations Global Compact and as the statutory report to be presented under sections 99a, 99b, 99d and 107d of the Danish Financial Statements Act. It also includes the disclosure requirements of the EU taxonomy on sustainable activities.


  • people-and-culture-round-2021

    People & culture

    The safety, well-being, engagement and development of the Demant Group’s employees are fundamental to our success.

  • society-and-local-community-round-2021

    Society & local community

    As a company we are an important part of the societies which surround us, and it is imperative to Demant to give back to the society that raised us.

  • environmentclimate2021

    Environment & climate

    We want to do our part to combat rapid climate change, biodiversity loss and other challenges facing our planet.

  • businessethicsgovernanceround2021

    Business ethics & governance

    We want to do our part to combat rapid climate change, biodiversity loss and other challenges facing our planet.