Interacoustics aspires to improve its environmental performance and reduce its carbon emissions. Therefore, Interacoustics applied for an ISO 14001 certification – a recognised environmental standard which sets out criteria for an environmental management system and initiatives. With hard work and a strong team effort, the company has mapped out its current environmental footprint, set objectives resulting in the recently received the ISO 14001 certification.

“The new ISO 14001 certified environmental management system is a great tool for Interacoustics to translate our passion for doing something for the environment into effective actions that will make a difference.” Says Carsten Kind, President of Interacoustics

Transition to circularity
The environmental management system addresses the entire Interacoustics product life cycle from the supply chain to end of life.

Merete Rath, Quality Manager and primary responsible for the ISO 14001 certification, specifies: “We are ambitious about our initiatives. We will start with the low-hanging fruits. But we want to involve all our stakeholders in the circular mindset, which lasts from the idea of a new product until it is recycled after many years of service.”

Green solution objectives
With the objectives set in the new environmental management system, Interacoustics aims to:

  • Integrate environmental concerns in product design processes
  • Ensure sustainable product-end-of-life treatment
  • Optimise packaging and use recycled packaging materials
  • Reduce carbon footprint – mainly from the supply chain and shipment of products
  • Improve waste management at Interacoustics’ headquarters

“To succeed with our reduction objectives, it’s critical for us to insist on a sustainable supply chain,” Merete says.

Optimised and recycled packaging materials
Interacoustics has already started the process of optimizing packaging. For instance, all cardboard boxes are now made from FSC or recycled resources, and they have introduced a 100% recycled plastic tape for boxes for all shipments of Interacoustics products.

Further packaging initiatives in 2022 will be to introduce stretch foil using 80% recycled materials, introduce plastic bags using recycled materials and reduce packaging materials.

This ISO 14001 certification only applies to Interacoustics’ headquarters in Middelfart. Their production site in Mierzyn, Poland is already certified according to ISO 14001.