To meet the demands for specialised resources, Demant’s Diagnostics R&D and Global IT have joined forces to establish a new centre in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Expecting to be ready for opening by end of 2022, the Technology and Innovation Centre will complement the existing organisations in Diagnostics and its R&D activities, and Global IT, ensuring sufficient resources to cover the current and expected future workload. At the same time, the centre will support a stronger regional presence, language and time-zone availability.

“This is a sign of a group in good shape. Both Diagnostics and Global IT have been growing fast and solidly for many years contributing to the growth and development of the entire Demant Group. The pace has been fast and to keep up we must add additional R&D and technology resources. Short-term, we bolster the organisation to keep up with increasing demands for capabilities, and long-term the Innovation Centre will provide stronger regional presence and support for effective workflow across organisations and geographies,” says Arne Boye Nielsen, President of Diagnostics and Communications and member of Demant’s Executive Board.

The centre will be headed by Vice President IT Asia Pacific, Christian Daugbjerg. Christian has played a central part in the research for location and planning of the establishment of the centre.

“On the basis of thorough research, we have chosen Kuala Lumpur as our new location and hub. In our opinion, it is the best place to establish an innovation centre considering the ability to access a large talent pool in R&D and technology as well as the availability of government programs that support companies. In this multicultural society, candidates have great language skills and diverse backgrounds and we also experience an appreciation for Scandinavian inspired organisational culture and leadership as practiced in the Demant Group. All in all, a good match with the Demant Group,” says Christian Daugbjerg, VP, IT Asia Pacific and new General Manager of Demant’s Technology and Innovation Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The plan is to onboard the first employees before the end of the year and hire around 200+ employees over the next couple of years.