Demant collaborates with quite an impressive number of PhD students and Postdocs. Some are closely tied to the Demant organisation, several of them also physically based in one of Demant’s locations. Others are affiliated with Demant because their work is supervised by one or more members of the organisation.

Doing research can be a lonely ride and many PhD students feel their way forward during several critical stages of the long process, for instance when collecting and analysing data, and in the process of finding their role and purpose in the organization.

To facilitate networking among the PhD students and Postdocs tied to Demant and to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practice, Eriksholm has organized and hosted its very first Eriksholm Summer School! The four-day event took place from August 29th to September 1st with 32 participants. The young scientists learned about translational research as a framework to identify the purpose of their research for Demant, our customers, and end-users without compromising the scientific content and turning research projects into product development.

The participants focused on preparing translational research projects and pitched it to representatives from the Demant organisation. The members of the winning project team were awarded personal travel grants to present their own research within the hearing research community. The participants are now back to their individual projects with an improved understanding of how Demant creates value from research.

The Eriksholm Summer School was funded by the William Demant Foundation

Watch a video from the event here