On 1 March, Demant’s Diagnostics business area hosted the grand opening of their new operations facility in Rosówek, Poland.

The facility houses both offices, production facilities and a modern, robot assisted warehouse, which will simplify the process from production to shipment. Up until now this process was spread over six locations near Szczecin.

The new building has been designed with both functionality, aesthetics, comfort and sustainability in mind.

“I am very proud that we are now opening a new chapter in the history of our Diagnostics business”, says PaweĊ‚ Muklewicz, General Manager of the Diagnostics operations business in Poland and explains the process of building and now finally opening the new facility.

“Over time the Diagnostics business had grown to a point where there wasn’t sufficient space for us in our existing locations. At the same time the complexity of operating the business across many locations was not efficient. Now, having moved all our activities under one roof and established a warehouse next door, we see a big improvement, and we have the right setup to help us further develop and grow the Diagnostics business.”

A green approach
Besides having the new building tailormade for the Diagnostics operations business, a lot of work has been put into making it an attractive workplace and making sure the design is appealing. Wood, plants and glass panels that lets the light in has been chosen as general materials and decoration to make sure the work environment is inspiring. On top of that, the building is designed to have high standards of sustainability and environment. As an example, the entire roof of the warehouse is covered with solar panels.

“It is a fantastic building, and we already love working here”, Pawel Muklewicz concludes.