Demant’s retail business in China, Shengwang Hearing, recently visited a hospital and a school in the city of Yushu to donate hearing aids and increase awareness of hearing healthcare. The event was part of a bigger effort to promote the development of China’s hearing healthcare industry.

Shengwang Hearing has joined forced with Audiology Development Foundation of China (ADFC), to launch the Shengwang Ear-Care Welfare Plan. The aim is to spread awareness and knowledge about hearing healthcare and help people who experience difficulties with their hearing in China.

In the past three years, the welfare plan has been carried out through a series of projects in various areas of China, including Xinjiang, Dandong City, Jiangxi and Tibet. All a contribution to build a more healthy and sustainable China.

Shengwang Hearing joined the Demant Group in 2022.

Donating hearing aids in Yushu
In July this year, Shengwang Hearing volunteer service team went to YuShu in the Southern Qinghai province in China. In Yushu, the volunteer team visited the Prefecture People's Hospital and the Special Education School to do hearing tests and donate hearing aids to a little more than 50 people with hearing loss.

During their visits, the volunteers performed ear canal examinations, hearing tests and trail fittings, and gave away accessories such as batteries. As an essential part of good hearing healthcare, the team also shared their expertise on how to wear and take care of the new hearing aids.

Official kick-off
The initiative was part of an official donation ceremony held in collaboration with the Audiology Development Foundation of China (ADFC), the People’s Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and The People’s Hospital of Yushu Prefecture.

In April 2023, Shengwang Hearing donated 520 hearing aids to the ADFC under the name of ‘Care for hearing health to enjoy life in the future’. The ceremony and visits to Yushu hospital and the school kicked off the donation.