With the release of HearLink 40, Philips Hearing Solutions is yet again expanding its range of HearLink hearing aids, providing seamless connections with stronger AI sound technology.

The highlight of the Philips HearLink 40 is the improved AI sound technology that delivers a seamless listening experience, powered by SoundProtect. SoundProtect can quickly detect and identify a wide range of irritating sounds, such as wind noise, handling noise, and transient noise, and hence give the hearing aid user an even cleaner sound experience.

There are four different styles in the HearLink 40 range: miniRITE T R, miniRITE R, miniBTE T R, and miniBTE R, all available in the new beige/beige color combination.

Søren Skjærbæk, Vice President, Brand Management, Philips Hearing Solutions comments: “At Philips Hearing Solutions, we want to connect users to people, themselves, and the world around them, which is fundamental for their well-being. The new HearLink hearing aids with AI sound technology and SoundProtect are no exception. They enhance the overall wearing experience and help users create more seamless connections by delivering irritation-free sound, clean and clear speech, and wireless connectivity to modern devices. Together, these powerful innovations provide users with a companion that delivers a more seamless listening experience.”

Philips Hearing Solutions is also introducing the HearLink 2 app. This app combines the remote control and remote fitting functionalities of the HearLink and HearLink Connect apps in one, making it much easier for the hearing aid users to manage their hearing aids.