On 3 March, Demant marked World Hearing Day, and this year Demant puts focus on “health sustainability”: the benefits to the individual and society of proper hearing healthcare. Demant believes that a sustainable future involves healthy hearing.

At Demant, it is our mission to continue to create awareness of the benefits of hearing healthcare and the challenges the individual has when living with hearing loss. The annual World Hearing Day is an important day for the global hearing community to raise our voice on the importance treating hearing loss and caring for people living with hearing loss.

The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day, as set by WHO, highlights the importance of integrating hearing care within primary care, as an essential component of universal health coverage. Today, one in five people live with hearing loss and due to an ageing population, this number is increasing. Demant CEO, Søren Nielsen explains:

“Having an untreated hearing loss has many consequences which me must address. We know that people with hearing loss face a risk of being excluded from social situations because of their inability to communicate on equal terms with other people – not just from those closest to you, but also at the workplace, in school or while doing what makes you happy in your personal time. On the contrary living with a treated hearing loss gives you access, so, proper hearing healthcare does not just affect the individual positively, but everyone around you as well as society at large. This is what we call “health sustainability”, and every day we work with our technological solutions and the best treatment to deliver sustainable hearing health,” says CEO & President, Søren Nielsen, Demant, and continues:

“Communication facilitates relationships between people and conversations make relationships grow. By enabling more people to hear better, we can give them a voice and thus the opportunity to be part of society without constraints. On WHO’s World Hearing Day, we want to shout out the message: Let’s empower people to tune in to life and take an active part in their community for the good of everyone.” 

Life-changing hearing healthcare is Demant’s core impact and most important contribution to a more sustainable world. Watch the short, animated story on Life-changing hearing health here:

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