Demant joins network calling upon world leaders for a net-zero future


Together with 39 other Danish businesses, Demant stands to address the importance of ensuring a just and green transition to a net-zero future and call upon governments across the world to support this effort. 

As an active member of UN Global Compact’s network Denmark since 2010, Demant considers and supports the ten principles of the Global Compact and drives the Sustainable Development Goals.


Caring for people’s health and well-being goes hand in hand with caring for society and the planet, and Demant supports the principles of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rises. With an ambitious target to reach net-zero emissions in 2050, approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, the company has already taken its first steps into that journey. Signing UN Global Compact’s CEO statement emphasises this agenda.  


Søren Nielsen, President and CEO of Demant, says:

When I was asked to support UN Global Compact’s CEO statement for a just transition to a net-zero future, it was an easy decision to make. While we focus on meeting our own targets, it’s part of our responsibility as a company – as part of society - to use our voice and its leverage to call upon more action, from everyone,” he says.


Calling upon government action at COP28
From 30 November to 12 December 2023, the world’s leaders are gathered at UN Climate change conference, also known as COP28, to discuss and negotiate policies to limit global temperature rises and adapt to climate changes.


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' call to rescue the sustainable development goals by taking bold steps for a greener world, giving common recommendations, and requesting more action from governments globally. To support this, 40 Danish businesses stand together in a collective effort reaffirming their commitment to net-zero emissions, calling upon world governments to lead the way by promoting green energy, boosting green fuels and setting clear timelines to phase out fossil fuels. 


Read the full statement here: CEO Statement 2023 | UN Global Compact Network Denmark