With the launch of Oticon Real, Oticon brings new state-of-the-art hearing aids to the market in the premium category. In addition to the well-known audiological quality associated with Oticon, the new hearing aids tackle some of the most common challenges for hearing aid users.

Replacing the previous product in the premium category, Oticon More, the new Oticon Real is launched in the three top price points in the miniRITE and miniBTE styles, both with and without rechargeability. And the products will bring many tangible benefits to the users.

“We are very enthusiastic about this product. With Oticon Real, we have some clear and tangible user benefits, which gives us great faith that the product will become a success. We are already known for our fantastic sound quality – and now we add some important features that will result in very clear improvements for our users,” says Nikolaj Takla, Project Director, New Business Introduction in Oticon.

The new features
To empower the new user benefits, Oticon Real boasts two new features: Wind & Handling Stabilizer and SuddenSound Stabilizer.

The Wind & Handling Stabilizer covers the noise occurring when, as an example, your hair or glasses touch the hearing aids, or when you are outside and the wind blows into the microphone of the hearing aids, resulting in annoying noise for the user.

“Earlier, the answer was that your brain would adapt to these sounds along the way,” Nikolaj explains. “However, with Oticon Real, we effectively dampen these sounds and thereby resolve these annoying issues for the users.

The other feature, SuddenSound Stabilizer, is about mitigating both loud and soft sudden sounds disturbing the user. Sudden sounds – for instance a door slamming, a glass breaking or softer sounds like the tapping on a computer keyboard – are now incorporated into the soundscape:

“The sounds should not be eliminated, but we need to detect and balance them quickly and precisely, otherwise you risk that these sounds are over-amplified or that they disturb speech or other important sounds, “Nikolaj says.

The improvements are made possible through the new Polaris R platform, containing new, extremely fast detectors capturing and adjusting these annoying and sudden sounds. “What we solve with these new features are well-known issues for hearing aid users. It is not complex, and the story is quite easy to communicate to our users. But the technical solutions that enable these features are highly advanced,” Nikolaj explains.

A new app
In recent years, Oticon users have had the opportunity to control their hearings aids through the Oticon On app. However, with the new launch, a new app will also emerge. The new app will be called Oticon Companion and is built on a completely new platform, enabling all the future improvements to the benefit of the users. Oticon Companion contains most of the frequently used features from the current Oticon On app, and many new features and functionalities will be added in the future.