To deliver on its commitment to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions with 50% in 2030 and ultimately reaching net zero in 2050, the hearing healthcare and audio technology company Demant now publishes a short-term goal of 50% renewable electricity in 2025. On site solar panels are part of the solution.

As part of a larger commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, Demant recently developed a road map for the transition to renewable electricity. The road is clear: Demant will invest further in solar solutions and energy attribute certificates for the main production sites in Poland and Mexico and for the headquarters in Denmark. The target, to achieve 50% renewable electricity in 2025 and 100% renewable electricity in 2030, means that Demant’s largest sites will be covered completely by renewable electricity. In 2022, electricity made out 43% of Demant’s total energy consumption.

According to Siri Teilmann-Ibsen, Director, Sustainability in Demant, shifting to renewable electricity is key to the Group’s ability to reach its ambitious climate targets:

“We know that around 95% of the Demant Group’s emissions lie with our suppliers, and we have an important task ahead of us in which also they will be key to reaching Demant’s overall climate ambitions. Even though the emissions from our own operations only account for 5%, we naturally need to reduce them first, and reaching our target of 50% renewable electricity in 2025 is a positive step on the way,” says Siri Teilmann-Ibsen.

In 2022, Demant also submitted climate targets to the Science Based Targets initiative and is now awaiting validation.

Challenging business as usual
Across the Demant Group, a number of activities introducing renewable electricity and reduce CO2 emissions are taking place. In the beginning of February 2023, the instalment of solar panels at Demant’s custom hearing aid factory in Tijuana begun – a project estimated to conclude in July, where the solar panels will be turned on.

The solar panels will cover up to 792,000 kilowatt hours, which corresponds to 20-26% of the yearly electricity consumption at the factory in Tijuana. Demant will thereby save around 315 tonnes CO2e in scope 2* emissions through the instalment of solar panels. Demant’s total scope 2 CO2e emissions for 2022 amounted to 20,498 tonnes.

The focus on renewable electricity in Demant continues beyond the factory in Tijuana.

“Solar panels are already installed on our new Diagnostics building in Poland, and the plan is to also add more solar panels on the roof of our headquarters at Kongebakken, just to name a few examples,” says Siri Teilmann-Ibsen, Director, Sustainability in Demant.

Demant’s ambition for renewable electricity is communicated through the company’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report published today.


Sustainability key figures – year

Climate and environment






Group CO2e scope 2 (tonnes)







*Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions generated from purchased electricity, heat, steam or cooling.




Siri Teilmann-Ibsen
Director, Sustainability
+45 61660883


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