“Tune in to life” is the name of Demant’s new movie that portrays life inside Demant and how our products and services enable users to tune in to the things that matter.

We invite the viewer into our sound studios, our labs, our hearing care clinics and into the heart of our production and distribution – and we see how teamwork across borders and departments forms an indispensable foundation for our daily work.

We meet and follow two Demant employees as well as many coworkers during a day of work, with a parallel storyline portraying a family where the grandfather lives with an untreated hearing loss, and his process of first acknowledging and then taking action to get help.

Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, VP of Corporate Communication & Sustainability, says:

“What we set out to convey with this film is how fantastic and diverse a workplace Demant is, and how our efforts to deliver life-changing hearing health and premium audio technology is an act of collaboration, trust and innovation. We want to leave the audience with the feeling of a successful company creating a true difference – made possible by dedicated and skilled employees and a unique company purpose.” Trine continues:

“With the concept “tune in to life” we want to convey the most important element – in our view – behind being a sustainable company. We contribute to building a world where all people have the opportunity to hear, feel valued and heard, and participate in societies without constraints, yes, simply to be able to tune in to life – also your work life.” 

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