Bernafon introduces new Encanta miniRITE hearing aids. The Encanta family comes in four technology levels – each suited to particular listening needs and environments and each with clinical data to support the benefits they provide for people with hearing loss.

People with hearing loss have different needs, which is why Bernafon has introduced the new Encanta family; a family of miniRITE hearing aids with four different technology levels so hearing care professionals can provide hearing solutions to fit their clients’ individual needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

"We’re really proud to bring the new Encanta family of four to the market. Each of the four hearing aids provides the exceptional sound quality that Bernafon is known for, and each is designed with the different needs of users in mind," says Søren Skjærbæk, VP Brand Management at Bernafon. "We believe it’s important to show the benefits of the new hearing aids at all four levels, not just the highest one, so that hearing care professionals can guide their clients to the right solution.”

Four technology levels for different needs
The Encanta 100 CONNECT solution is ideal for people who spend most of their time in low-noise surroundings and have primarily one-to-one conversations. The Encanta 200 GO solution is ideal for people who rely on their hearing aids for speech understanding in noisy environments in one-to-one conversations. 

The Encanta 300 ENGAGE solution is designed for people who often have conversations with multiple speakers in noisy environments. The Encanta 400 PRO is designed for those who want uncompromising sound quality and the best technology to support speech understanding in the most challenging environments.

All Encanta hearing aids use a unique broadband channel for processing sound, which keeps the natural patterns of speech intact, and 24 frequency bands for processing noise, delivering exceptional sound clarity and listening comfort. 

With each new technology level, the Smart Directionality and Smart Noise Reduction capabilities increase. This progression is specifically aimed at solving a range of real-life user challenges – such as improving speech understanding in noise – so hearing care professionals can more easily match the right solution to each client.

Other new features in Encanta hearing aids include a new elegant and ergonomic design that is smaller and more discreet, a rechargeable battery that can be charged for a full day in only one hour, and a vast improvement in connectivity with compatibility to iPhone® and LE Audio-enabled Android phones.

Brand relaunch – a new Bernafon
Along with the product launch, Bernafon also announces a brand relaunch with a fresh, modern look that captures the essence of innovation, vibrancy and visual impact.

The new brand visual identity is a bold step towards portraying a contemporary and forward-thinking brand that resonates with hearing care professionals. The rebranding of Bernafon includes a new logo, new tagline, captivating colours, and a unique image style generated through the use of AI prompts, reflecting the brand’s commitment to modernisation and innovation.

"The decision to rebrand Bernafon was fueled by our desire to remain at the forefront of innovation and to reflect the commitment we have to serving hearing care professionals so they can provide excellent hearing care to their clients," says Søren Skjærbæk. "Our goal is to not only provide unparalleled sound experiences but also to present a brand that is vibrant and modern.”