Sonic is pleased to announce the launch of Radiant™ SE, the second-edition hearing solution built on the powerful Extend technology platform.

The new product family combines top performance levels with innovative audiological features, improved noise control, insightful user data and more. Updated color options, rechargeable and non-rechargeable styles and a new app for easy wireless connectivity give hearing care professionals even more opportunities to offer patients a personalised hearing solution with the exceptional sound quality, listening comfort and speech intelligibility that they expect from products on the Extend platform.

“Sonic Radiant SE goes brilliantly beyond with new sound- and product-focused features that emphasize what matters most to patients - sound that’s natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity in all we do and style that stands out,” says Carolyn Valentine, Sonic Vice President/General Manager. “Like all Sonic products that align to our 4S Foundation, Radiant SE allows patients to hear their best in a variety of listening situations, offering not only clear sound but also comfort in noise.”

Improved control for wind, contact noise and sudden loud sounds
Radiant SE treats two types of noise with one convenient multiband technology solution. New Radian WindHandling Pro reduces both wind and contact sounds via a 24-band architecture developed for the Extend platform’s Radian-technologies. The new noise-controlling system applies attenuation only in the affected frequency bands while preserving the prescribed gain in the remaining bands, reducing wind noise more efficiently and lowering handling noise caused from hair, glasses, brushing, or touching.

In addition, new Impulse Noise Reduction Pro provides extra support for distracting transient sounds like loud door slams and kitchen clatter. The feature controls sudden impulse sounds in the listening environment to a greater degree so users can continue listening to the conversation.

Unique Insights into Dialogue
MySpeech Analyzer, part of the updated Data Logging Pro in the EXPRESSfit® Pro software, tracks how frequently patients engage in conversations, for greater awareness into their communication in quiet and noisy settings. Hearing care professionals can gain crucial insights into their patients' auditory world, using the robust data to guide fitting decisions, select optimal listening programs, and personalise counseling.

More user benefits and choice
Radiant SE is a Made for iPhone hearing aid and offers hands-free communication for iPhone and iPad users. Radiant SE also supports direct audio streaming on compatible Android™ devices. The new SoundLink 3 app combines the functions of the SoundLink 2 and SoundLink Connect apps so users can easily change listening programs, volume and more with a mobile phone or tablet. The streamlined app also allows users to receive remote fitting adjustments from the comfort of home.

Radiant SE is available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions of the miniRITE and miniBTE, in three technology levels (100|80|60) and in six sophisticated colors, including a new beige unicolor tone. For patients who want the convenience of on-the-go charging, the portable Charger Plus with a built-in lithium-ion power bank allows three full recharges of two miniRITE T R or miniBTE T R hearing aids without the need for a power source. New Voice Alerts now provide a spoken notification option for low battery for all styles and performance levels. For more information on Sonic Radiant SE and all compatible accessories, visit

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