Philips Hearing Solutions announces the release of Philips HearLink 50 with SoundGuide, which demonstrates how powerful AI and motion-sensing technology can be used to help hearing aid users connect to what they love with ease.

Philips HearLink 50, the latest hearing aid innovation from Philips, takes the AI-powered SoundMap technology even further, putting the hearing aid user in the center. SoundMap technology has always been designed to deliver optimal access to clean, clear speech. Now, with the addition of SoundGuide, SoundMap not only understands the environment around the user based on sound input, it also understands what kind of activity they are engaged in based on input about their motion behavior. Together, these enable sound to be tailored more specifically to their needs.

As an example, Philips HearLink 50 can now detect when the hearing aid user is walking on a noisy street, sitting down with a loved one over coffee, or out and about with a group of friends. By understanding the activity the user is engaged in, Philips HearLink 50 can tailor the sound experience further, ensuring that speech and other important sounds are clearer than ever.

Philips HearLink 50 not only delivers powerful AI and motion-sensing technology, it also features the latest Bluetooth® low energy technology, LE Audio, which enables premium sound quality while streaming music, TV series and movies to the hearing aids. Hands-free calls are also possible on iPhone, iPad and now Android™ devices with LE Audio. 

“At Philips Hearing Solutions, we believe that there is always a way to make life better, including for those with hearing loss,” says Oliver Leedo-Townend, Director of Audiology at Philips Hearing Solutions. “The new Philips HearLink empowers our users like never before, delivering exceptional access to clean, clear speech – no matter where they are or what kind of activity they are doing. It really puts the user at the center of their hearing experience.”

The new Philips HearLink 50 is available as a discreet, rechargeable miniRITE with telecoil, and in a variety of complementary colors. And a new, faster contact charging option gives users a full day’s power in an hour, or up to four hours of hearing in only 15 minutes of charging*.

Alongside this hearing aid innovation, Philips Hearing Solutions are releasing a new Philips Journal feature in their Philips HearLink 2 app, which empowers Philips HearLink users with new insights about their hearing progress. Philips Journal gives users invaluable data about their listening activity, encouraging them to connect to what they love along their hearing aid journey.

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* Based on average use patterns